Top High School QB's at Spring Scrimmage

There were two high school quarterback recruiting targets at the final Michigan Spring Scrimmage Saturday. Yours truly spoke to both of them last (Tuesday) night. First, Indiana quarterback Mike Vlahogeorge.

Yours truly spoke Tuesday evening to the father of quarterback Mike Vlahogeorge [pronounced V-LA-ho-george] (6-4, 220 lbs.) from Lafayette, Ind., Jefferson. As a junior Vlahogeorge passed for an eye-popping 4,285 yards and 37 touchdowns. He is one of's top 13 drop back quarterbacks.

Mr. Vlahogeorge: "Mike is attending the National Institute of Sports in Indianapolis today. He'll be home later tonight."

Regarding attending the Michigan Spring Scrimmage:

"He had never been to Michigan before. He enjoyed it. He liked Coach Loeffler, and Coach Sheridan. He liked the whole situation at Michigan."

Mike, later in the evening: "I really liked looking at the facilities; and I liked the scrimmage: they were hitting hard, it was very competitive, that was fun."

Assessing Michigan's interest in Mike:

Mr. Vlahogeorge: "Like some of the other schools, Michigan has seen him on tape, and that has generated their interest. They'd just like to see him in person. I think that once Michigan sees him at the Michigan Nike Camp they will see the level of play he's capable of. They've asked him to come give them a day or two to see him in person. That's fair. Indiana has seen him and has offered him. Purdue has seen him and they like him a lot."

Will Mike attend any summer camps?

Mr. Vlahogeorge: "As far as camps, Mike plans on going to Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and Florida State. Tennessee has expressed a lot of interest."

Mike: "I'm coming to Michigan for the Nike Camp. Then in the summer I'm spending one day at Indiana, then Notre Dame, and two days at Tennessee and Florida State."

Regarding Mike's favorites:

Mike: "Right right now, Notre Dame, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida State, Indiana and Purdue. I have offers so far from Indiana, Toledo, Ball State, and Northwestern said they would offer soon."

I said, "Lafayette sure had two great high school quarterbacks last year ..."

Mike: "Actually, Clayton (Michigan signee Clayton Richard) lives about two minutes from my house. Our schools always play the first game of the season; they beat us last year."

In March, Vlahogeorge's coach told, "Mike is an absolute freak of nature. I've never seen a quarterback on this level with a stronger arm."

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