Pictures from the Final Practice Part 3

Here are the final set of pictures from from last Saturday's practice.

Jeremy LeSueur goes through defensive back drills.

Alex Ofili gets a good stretch in.

Alain Kashama stretching it out as well.

Kashama takes on Kolodiej(#76) while Gabe Watson attempts to collapse the center of the pocket.

Braylon prepares to run his route.

The defensive front (Biggs, Watson, Ofili, and unknown DE) prepares to get off on the snap of the ball. Roy Manning and Obi Oluigbo come up to the line in blitz preparation.

Rondell Biggs rushes the passer.

Kolodiej (#76) and the offensive line provide a nice pocket for Matt Gutierrez to throw out of.

Lawrence Reid prepares to stick Braylon Edwards as he receives the ball.

Marlin Jackson and Willis Barringer observe from the sidelines.

Pat Massey(#94) and Tim Massaquoi(#88) prepare to lock horns.

Jon Shaw goes through DB drills.

Spencer Brinton delivers the ball as Mike Kolodiej blocks Alain Kashama and Pat Massey tries to defeat a double team.

Grant Bowman calls big Gabe Watson a "Man Mountain!"

Gabe Watson tries to get under Mark Bihl. Matt Lentz throws a block on the backside.

Gabe beats Bihl on his way to the QB.

Roy Manning tracks the running play in the backfield

Another spring session comes to an end. Go Blue!

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