Vince Biegel talks U-M Visit, What's Next

Wisconsin linebacker Vince Biegel made a three-day unofficial visit to Michigan this past weekend -- how close is he to a decision now?

Sam Webb: Take me through your Michigan visit. When did you arrive and how long did you stay?

Vince Biegel: "I made it down last weekend. Me and my dad drove over to Michigan. It was about a ten-hour drive, but it was good. We got to go through the whole facilities. We got there Friday at three o'clock and we went all the way to Saturday around three o'clock, about 24 hours."

Sam Webb: So your first glimpse of the Maize & Blue…. what did you think?

Vince Biegel: "I was very, very impressed. They've got great coaching staff, Coach Mattison coming in, Coach Hoke coming in here, a lot of new coaches, bringing a lot of energy and I know they are going to turn the school team. That's what is really affecting me about Michigan is that they are going in the right direction and they are focused. It was just a good time overall to go over and see the facilities and kind of see what they have."

Sam Webb: This marked your first time really being able to sit down and chat with Coach Mattison face-to-face. What was that like?

Vince Biegel: "Talking to Coach Mattison face-to-face was a great time. He is a good friend with a few of my coaches. He actually recruited my dad coming out of high school. It was good talking to Coach Mattison face-to-face. We actually got to sit down in his office and discuss where I will fit in to their defense. They are putting in a new defense. The same defense they ran at Baltimore where he coached. He explained to me where I would fit into that as a linebacker and how I would play for them and is really cool about Coach Mattison. Obviously, he has been around the block a few times and he is a great guy."

Sam Webb: What stood out to you most during your time in Ann Arbor?

Vince Biegel: "My #1 thing that stood out to me is how cool of a guy Coach Hoke was and how laid back he was and he was just a down-to-earth guy. That was my impression of Coach Hoke and the thing that stood out to me the most. There are a lot of things that really stood out there. I can really see myself at Michigan. It is a really good place. Obviously, the Big House. I'm not a big facilities guy, but they are just overwhelming with the awesome facilities. I got a chance to go into the Big House, the stadium. Obviously, it is overwhelming for a kid coming out of high school to go look at and it was a pretty cool deal."

Sam Webb: What about dad? What were dad's impressions of Michigan and what did he say about Michigan relative to those other schools that you obviously really like? You have family ties to BYU and Wisconsin is the home state school, so you have two programs that you have a real connection to.

Vince Biegel: "My dad has been nothing but supportive. He's always told me from the get go that I want you to go where you want to go and you feel comfortable, which is awesome, because I don't want to go somewhere I'm uncomfortable and a place that I'm going to because you committing four or five years of your life and this is one of the biggest decisions of your life that can lead to other things like a possible job, wife or whatever. My dad has been nothing but supportive. It is pretty close. It is about seven or eight hour drive. My dad has been nothing but supportive and he has not leaned one way or another. He is just letting me go through this and he is giving me guidance and tell me a few things here and there. He's been awesome."

Sam Webb: You mentioned to me before that Wisconsin was definitely the school at the top of your list. Did this visit with Michigan do anything to close the gap?

Vince Biegel: "It is hard to say that, but I would still say that Wisconsin is probably my #1 school, but I would definitely say Michigan is a close second. It was good going there and checking stuff out. I was just really impressed. I'm actually going to go to Michigan during a spring game still. I want to go out there one more time and make sure that I check it out one more time. I am going to go out there during one of the spring ball games and check them out."

Sam Webb: What about other visits? Do you have any intentions to make it out to Wisconsin and BYU in the coming weeks?

Vince Biegel: "I'm actually going to go out to BYU next weekend, which I'm pretty excited about. In two weeks, we're going out to BYU, me and my whole family are going up there on a ski trip. We have some family up there in Provo, Utah, so we are going to go out and see them and we are going to go out to BYU and check out everything. Talk to the coaches, go to a spring game and actually that week too is going to be like all the old football players are coming back."

Sam Webb: Like a reunion?

Vince Biegel: "Yeah like a reunion kind of deal. So my dad is going down there for that, so he is excited about that. I'm going to go out to BYU and check out everything and I'm going to look at everything, talk to all the coaches, see all the facilities, and have the big tour of it. I'm super excited on going out there. It is a big deal, because BYU is one of my top three schools. I'm really excited about going up there and I'm planning to see how I feel about BYU and then I always want to go to a Michigan spring game and I also want to go to Wisconsin for a spring game. I'll probably wrap up my decision and commit somewhere."

Sam Webb: When you say, ‘probably wrap it up,' will you have it done by the end of April or will it go into May? How long do you think you'll take?

Vince Biegel: "It is hard to say. I'm not sure how I'll be feeling, but who knows. I really couldn't tell you. I do want to make a decision….I want to make it for sure by the beginning of the football next year so there are no distractions. So I can obviously just focus on playing football."

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