Ohio TE Hoobler's Head Coach

Yours truly talked Wed. to Carrolton Ohio Head Coach Barry Goettemoeller, the coach of tight end <B>Chad Hoobler</b> who attended Saturday's Spring Scrimmage.

Chad Hoobler (6-4 1/2, 225 lbs., 4.7 in the 40) from Carrolton, Ohio. Hoobler is considered one of Ohio's Top five juniors and is MaxEmfingerRecruiting.com's #6 tight end. We chatted yesterday with his head coach Barry Goettemoeller.

Did Chad talk to you about his visit?

"I was up there too, I took Chad up. It was a lovely day. Chad was impressed with Coach Carr, the facilities, the campus."

"On the way home he was fired up from watching the scrimmage, he wanted to get home and put the pads on."

"Michigan was pleased he made the effort to come up there. Theyd like him to come back up again; they want to spend time with him, and they want him to spend time with the players and coaches."

What position do you see him playing in college: Tight end? Defensive end? Linebacker?

"He could play on either side of the ball. He has a defensive mentality, but he's the best high school tight end in Ohio. We have to play him at inside linebacker on defense. Where he ends up in college depends on how his body changes. He could play with 30-40 more lbs. right now ... if he does that he could end up at defensive end. His heart is not set on one position or another. Coach Carr told him that's a great attitide to have. The top schools like versatile kids."

Regarding his college choice:

"He would like to make early decision. He wants to see as many as colleges as possible as unofficial visits. So far Penn State has offered him (as a tight end); of course he also likes Michigan and Ohio State. But there are others as well: Michigan State, Pitt, Boston College."

For more on the 'early decision' issue, see our Premium interview with Chad -- coming up next!

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