Devin Funchess recaps Michigan visit

The top Farmington Hills Harrison tight end visited Michigan this past weekend – here's what he thought about it.

Sam Webb: I was down in Indy and I heard you made it up to Michigan last weekend; how did it go?

Devin Funchess: "It went good."

Sam Webb: What did you come away with liking about it?

Devin Funchess: "All the different facilities that they had. I didn't know they had that much at Michigan. I didn't know they spent that much money on their facilities and such."

Sam Webb: Who all went up there with you?

Devin Funchess: "My sister came out with one of her friends, my aunt, my uncle and mom."

Sam Webb: So it was a family affair; how did they like it?

Devin Funchess: "They liked it. I think they liked it a little bit more than me even (laughter). They saw a lot that they don't normally see."

Sam Webb: Did they put a little bit of pressure on you?

Devin Funchess: "A little bit."

Sam Webb: What coaches did you get a chance to hang with?

Devin Funchess: "All of them pretty much."

Sam Webb: Did you spend more time with a few of them as opposed to the others or was it kind of equal?

Devin Funchess: "At first I was with Coach Ferrigno. He is the tight end coach -- and I went with all the other coaches like Chris Singletary."

Sam Webb: What kind of vibe did you get off of Coach Hoke when you sat down with him?

Devin Funchess: "He's a cooler dude. He's calm and laid back. He knew how to explain stuff."

Sam Webb: You said earlier your family was putting a little pressure on you; did any of the Michigan coaches try to put any pressure on you at all?

Devin Funchess: "Oh no."

Sam Webb: Michigan is definitely looking at you at tight end?

Devin Funchess: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: Is that what you want to do?

Devin Funchess: "With the way they play them, I do."

Sam Webb: Tell me about the plan that they have for you. You said the way that they play, yeah you want to be a tight end.

Devin Funchess: "They play like a two wide end set and they have a Y tight end and a U tight end. The U tight end is a tight end/receiver and a full back, like the motion back. He goes all around the field. That's where they were going to have me at."

Sam Webb: As far as other visits, have you been able to make it up to any other campuses yet?

Devin Funchess: "I went to Michigan State."

Sam Webb: How was that one?

Devin Funchess: "Same kind of vibe. It was nice. A lot of stuff to look at and great facilities as well."

Sam Webb: Did they finally come through and offer you a scholarship?

Devin Funchess: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: Where are those two schools on your list?

Devin Funchess: "I don't have a list yet. They probably one of them I like because they the only two I've seen so far."

Sam Webb: Did you get any other offers besides that Michigan State offer that came through?

Devin Funchess: "Missouri, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Virginia."

Sam Webb: You going to try and make it out to any of these other campuses during the spring or you going to wait until the summer?

Devin Funchess: "Me and mom was talking about going to different places, but we haven't figured out a schedule yet."

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