WR/DB Michael Bell To Decide Early?

One of the top prospects out of Ohio this year will be Shaker Heights WR/DB <B>Michael Bell</B>. See where Michigan stands, and when he hopes to have a decision.

GoBlueWolverine reached WR/DB Michael Bell (6-1, 180 lbs., 4.5 in the forty) from Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights HS. Bell is Max Emfinger's #4 wide receiver prospect.

Do you have any offers?

I've got one from Wisconsin.

Do you have a top 5?

In order, it would be Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Penn State. I really only have a top four right now.

Have you visited any of the schools that you're looking at?

Just those four: Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Penn State.

What did you think of your visit to Michigan?

I liked it. I like the school, and Michigan's a good program.

Do you plan to go to any Nike Camps?

I'm going to go up to the Michigan one on the 26th.

Do you think that you'll go to any school run summer camps?

It depends. I plan to go to some camps, but if I get offered by a lot of schools, I want to commit early.

How early are you hoping to decide?

I'd really like to commit by no later than August. So I can focus on my season, and focus on this year.

What are you looking for in a school?

I want to go to a winning team, but I want to play as early as possible. I really want to be on a winning team though. Someplace close to home, but not too close. Someplace close enough that people can watch me.

Would you rather play wide receiver or defensive back in college?

It really doesn't matter to me. I'll play wherever they ask me to play.

What do you consider your greatest strength as a player?

I run real good routes. That's the main thing. I'm really good at running routes.

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