UM a hit with the Jenkins-Stone Family

Detroit Cass Tech star Royce Jenkins-Stone brought his mother, father, brother, and girlfriend with him to Michigan's opening spring practice yesterday, and the coaching staff in Ann Arbor made a very favorable impression. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get his thoughts on the team, the coaching staff, his decision timeline, and more.

Detroit Cass Tech star Royce Jenkins-Stone has never hidden his strong affinity for Michigan, and yet he remains determined to keep his recruitment open so he can explore all of his options.  Yesterday the Wolverines had Jenkins-Stone  on campus and they did their best to make sure the task of loosening his Maize & Blue heart strings will be extremely tough,

"It was a new atmosphere to be around and get to see Greg Mattison coach the defense.  I got to meet a lot of new coaches and talk to them one-on-one.  I talked to Coach Hoke and I talked to coach Greg Mattison and I talked to the linebacker coach a little bit.  They like me a lot.  It was nice.   The coaches are just great.  (Especially) Coach Mattison… he is great.  Everybody respects coaches automatically from their past.  It is a great environment up there.  My mom finally got up to Michigan for the first time.  That was great.  She said that she liked the coaches and the facilities and the way they treat me and all the rest of the players.   She likes Michigan."

Mom wasn't the only one.  Jenkins-Stone's girlfriend also praised the staff.  So too did the other recruits in attendance.

 "(My girlfriend) liked it too," he said.  "She was talking about how the coaches were so nice and everybody wanted to hug… treating everybody like family.  (The other recruits) loved it.  They see it is a new environment and stuff.  People loving it, the recruits are loving it, and the players are loving it.  Ain't no choice… everybody is loving it (laughter)."

When attention turned to the team on the field, Jenkins-Stone found himself every bit as impressed.

 "They looked very physical," he said of the Wolverines.  "They were there with no helmets just going at it.  I noticed the staff don't really necessarily yell at them… they just talk it out.  (The team) was looking good actually.  It's a new defense and it's (coming along).  The offense looking good.  Overall, it was a good look for the offense."

The Michigan coaching staff obviously hopes it can look on the practice field and see Jenkins-Stone running around in Maize & Blue some day.  But as was the case with other recruits, they didn't employ a high pressure approach to try to lure the Cass Tech star into the fold.

"They just want me to go to a school that fits me," Jenkins-Stone said.  "Obviously they want me, so they going to say, ‘We need you.'  They said, ‘Just go where you best comfortable with, and if it is not Michigan, so be it; but if it is Michigan, come on and commit."

At the moment any talk of committing to Michigan, or any other school for that matter, is premature.  Visits to the campuses of his other suitors is the next step in his recruiting plan,

"I know I am going to try and go to Arizona, Arizona State, Oklahoma, Alabama.  I got to get up to Alabama for sure.  Terry (Richardson) has been talking about it."

When the time comes to announce a decision, Jenkins-Stone hopes he can do it on the biggest possible stage.

"I hope I get in the Army (All American) game.  The Army already told me that they didn't pick me yet, but I got nominated for it.  If I get picked I'll probably announce my decision there, but give my top three before I go."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Jenkins-Stone in the weeks and months to come.

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