Top Ohio OL May Visit Again Soon

I ran across two Youngstown, Ohio, Ursuline assistant coaches at Michigan's final Spring Scrimmage last Saturday. A little suprised, I said to them, "I don't see Brandon here, and he'd be hard to miss." They said he was taking a standardized test that day, so I decided to give him a call ...

If offensive lineman Brandon Braxton from Youngstown, Oh., Ursuline was around, you'd notice him:'s number four offensive tackle is 6-8 and weighs 300 lbs. I told him I spoke to a couple of his assistant coaches Saturday.

"You did? Which ones were there? I was taking the ACT test."

Have you been to Michigan this spring?

"Not in the spring. I was there for a Junior Day for the Ohio State basketball game. I talked to Coach Carr at that time, and he offered me a scholarship."

What schools have you visited so far this winter and spring?

"Michigan, Penn State, West Virginia, Pitt, and Ohio State. All of them have offered me a scholarship. Nebraska and LSU have offered me too."

Have you decided on any summer camps?

"Not yet. I might go to the Michigan Nike Camp though -- it's April 26th, right? My friend Darryl (Ursuline's 6-1, 195 lb. quarterback Darryl Clark, a top 15 Ohio junior) has been talking to me about going; we're thinking about it."

Do you have a list of favorites?

"I don't really have any list yet, I'm still looking. I'll wait and decide late."

You play other sports as well as football?

"Yeah. I'm the center on our basketball team, I average a double-double. I also do the shot-put and discus in track."

Did you have a childhood favorite?

"As far as a college team? Nah. Growing up, I was not really into college football. And I moved to Ohio from Georgia last year."

Regarding Braxton, Ohio Future Stars says, "He's tall with long arms ... He's got great feet ... He's in great shape ... He's the best line prospect from Ohio since Mike Munoz."

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