New Jersey Athlete Talks U-M, Recrutiing

Old Tappen NJ QB/Athlete Devin Fuller is taking visits this spring in the East -- is he planning to get over to Ann Arbor?

Sam Webb: How did the season go for you last year?

Devin Fuller: "Collectively, we made it to the state championships and we lost in the state championship by three points in the last 17 seconds of the game. It was a bad ending to the season, but for me it was an all right season after the state championship because I made 1st team all league, 1st team all county and 1st team all state.

Sam Webb: Do you remember what your stats were?

Devin Fuller: "I think I had 1896 yards passing with 20 touchdowns, and I had 2306 yards rushing with 32 touchdowns."

Sam Webb: Those sound like Denard Robinson's stats. Did you watch him very much last year?

Devin Fuller: "Yeah. He was a lightening bolt out there."

Sam Webb: We've seen what his game is like. How would you describe yours?

Devin Fuller: "I would say it is very dynamic, very hard to game-plan against for players like myself. You can prepare, but you can't prepare for the unknown of what is going to happen, like the spit second things. That's what I would say."

Sam Webb: Do you get the sense that opponents sometime underestimate your ability to throw the football because you are such a dynamic runner?

Devin Fuller: "Yeah I think they do, and when they do we go over the top and pass all over them. We showed them that I could pass too."

Sam Webb: You've had an outstanding career at quarterback, but is that position that Michigan offered you at?

Devin Fuller: "Yeah Michigan is recruiting me as all around athlete-type, but they said that I could play whatever position I really wanted to play. (Quarterback) is the position I want to play in college."

Sam Webb: What schools have offered you scholarships so far?

Devin Fuller: "Right now I have 19."

Sam Webb: Have you actually been out on visits to any of those schools yet?

Devin Fuller: "Yeah. I've been to Rutgers, Boston College, UCONN, Georgia Tech so far."

Sam Webb: Do you have any plans the remainder of the spring to make it out to any other campuses for visits?

Devin Fuller: "Yeah. I think I have one next week going to Penn State and the weekend after that I'm going to Kansas."

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate visiting Michigan at all?

Devin Fuller: "Yeah. I think I'll probably get that in the summer because that is a long visit; I don't have a lot of time right now. I'm doing spring track."

Sam Webb: Aside from Denard Robinson, what do you know about Michigan?

Devin Fuller: "I know they have a great winning tradition over there. They pack the house every time, and that's the good thing I like about it. I heard it from a kid, do you know a kid named Stokes there?"

Sam Webb: Yeah Je'Ron Stokes.

Devin Fuller: "I had the pleasure of meeting with his dad about a year ago and he was just telling me how going through all the allegations they were going through with, like, the practice with Rich Rodriguez. He said that still Michigan treated his on very well through the whole process and he has had a great time. I really didn't pay attention to all what they were saying, but he still had a good time there."

Sam Webb: As far as this new staff; who have you talked to from the new staff?

Devin Fuller: "I have talked to Coach Mallory. I think he is a great guy. I talk to him maybe once a week now just to touch base, not even about recruiting sometimes, just talking. He seems like a good guy to me."

Sam Webb: Have you had an opportunity to talk to Coach Hoke yet?

Devin Fuller: "No I haven't."

Sam Webb: Let's talk about your decision making process. What factors will you consider when making your choice?

Devin Fuller: "#1 is academics because I want to have something to fall back on once football is done, because it is going to end one day. I don't want it to end but it will end one day. I want to have a good base with the football program… where they are going in the future? What kind of recruiting class are they bringing in? Can the head coach and assistant coaches to get me to the right spot? I'll also probably look at the facilities that they can offer a student-athlete."

Sam Webb: Is distance from home going to be a factor for you at all?

Devin Fuller: "I think it is. Rutgers is a place I can go because New Jersey is like a 35 minute drive. That's a school that's dear to my heart; but moving away from home wouldn't really be a problem. I would love for my parents to come see my games, but if the best fit is away then that is what I'm going to do."

Sam Webb: Did you grow up a fan of Rutgers or any other school?

Devin Fuller: "I grew up a fan of Miami. I was a Sean Taylor boy."

Sam Webb: Has Miami offered you a scholarship?

Devin Fuller: "No they haven't. I have had some contact, but they haven't offered yet."

Sam Webb: Where does Michigan stand on your list at this point?

Devin Fuller: "Very high. I can't really say where they rank because I haven't really ranked anybody, but I will say they were very high. When I got that offer, when they told me that over the phone, I was very speechless -- because I know that is a very prestigious honor to get an offer from Michigan, the winning tradition, and the tradition of Michigan is just wow."

Sam Webb: Have you given any thought to a timeline for when you would like to make a decision?

Devin Fuller: "I was going to make my decision by the beginning of the football season, but now that that I'm getting offers by the week, I really don't know when I'm going to make a decision. I want to see all the schools before I eliminate some. I haven't even narrowed the list down some. I know I will make a decision by February 2nd of next year. That's all I can tell you right now."

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