Jr. Day Boosts Michigan with Wormley

Toledo (OH) Whitmer DE Chris Wormley was on hand for Michigan's first junior day of the spring, and things couldn't have gone much better for the Maize & Blue. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the imposing lineman to reflect upon the day and discuss his thoughts on the coaching staff, the team, his leaderboard, and more. Plus, we find out the answer to the question, just how fast is Chris Wormley?

Sam Webb:  So what did you think of Michigan's junior day?

Chris Wormley:  "It went real well.  Everything was organized and I really like it up there."

Sam Webb:  Take me through everything.  How did it go from start to finish? 

Chris Wormley:  "We went to the indoor facility and we watched them practice for about an hour and a half, we went to lunch and then had an academic speaker come in and talk about the academics and stuff.  We took a tour of the academic building where the tutors and stuff to go study and then we left."

Sam Webb:  Did your mom go on the trip with you or just you?

Chris Wormley:  "It was the whole family… my mom, my stepdad, my brother, and sister.  They thought the facilities were great.  They all liked the coaches it was just a good time."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to really sit down and get some one-on-one time with the coaches?

Chris Wormley:  "Yeah I talked to Coach Montgomery, who is the D-line coach, and Coach Mattison.  I talked to Coach Hoke for a little bit.  We were all in the banquet hall area and he came and sat down at our table and talked to me, but Coach Hoke talked to everyone as a group.  Then he branched off and talked to people one-on-one individually."

Sam Webb:  Did you get an idea from them how they want to use you.  Is it strictly as a defensive end?  Every time I see you, it seems like you've gotten bigger.  Are they talking about defensive tackle at all?

Chris Wormley:  "They talked to me about how they play a 4-3 now and they didn't really talk about where I'm going to play but what defensive they play and stuff.  We didn't get into details."

Sam Webb:  Now that you've gotten a chance to get to know them a little bit better, what are your impressions of those guys?

Chris Wormley:  "They are a great group of coaches and I'm just going to wait until next season and see how they do and take it from there."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of the team today when you watched them practice; how did they look?

Chris Wormley:  "They looked good.  Denard Robinson, he is a great player and defense looked solid.  I'm excited to see what is going to happen."

Sam Webb:  You said Denard looked good and the defense looked solid; did it seem like one side won the day or was it truly back and forth?

Chris Wormley:  "I think the offense might have a slight edge but for the most part it was back and forth."

Sam Webb:  What if anything stood out to you the most on this visit?

Chris Wormley:  "Just how the coaches were so happy to see everyone and it was like a big family up there and that is what I liked about it."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk about other schools.  Have you been to any other junior days or was this your first one?

Chris Wormley:  "I went to the Ohio State junior day two or three weeks ago."

Sam Webb:  How was that?

Chris Wormley:  "It went real good too.  It was a little more fast paced because we went to a basketball game after the junior day, but everything went well."

Sam Webb:  What is next?  Are you going to be hitting any more junior days in the coming weeks?

Chris Wormley:  "I'll probably take it easy for a while.  Track is starting to get up and there are track meets every weekend.  We are going to do camp and summer comes, probably camp and stuff like the usual."

Sam Webb:  What are you doing in track?

Chris Wormley:  "Shot and disc and the coaches let me do the 4x100."

Sam Webb:  The 4x100?  What is your fastest split in the 4x100?"

Chris Wormley:  "Last year, I think it was 10.6."

Sam Webb:  Yeah right!  I've got to see tape of you running 10.6. 

Chris Wormley:  "I can try and ask the coach."

Sam Webb:  Yeah because if I print that Chris Wormley ran a 10.6 split in the 100 meter, no one will believe me (laughter).

Chris Wormley:  "Print it! Here is what is going to happen.  I'll text you tomorrow.  If I don't text you, you text me and remind me and I'll ask one of my coaches tomorrow at track practices."

Sam Webb:  Okay.  And how much did you weigh when you ran a 10.6? 

Chris Wormley:  "That was probably 240-250."

Sam Webb:  If you say so.  I'm going to put it down in print.  Don't make me look bad (laughter).

Chris Wormley:  "Alright."

Sam Webb:  Let's get back to football.  What is your timeline for when you're going to make a choice?

Chris Wormley:  "It is going to be before or after my football season."

Sam Webb:  Is it still Michigan and Ohio State at the top for you?

Chris Wormley:  "Yeah."

Sam Webb:  Is anyone giving them a run for the money?

Chris Wormley:  "Not right now, but I'm sure I'll have a top five pretty soon."

Sam Webb:  Did the junior day experience Saturday do anything for the Maize & Blue??

Chris Wormley:  "They got a couple points from me.  I really liked everything and how it was all conducted.  The coaches were cool and the facilities were great.  I like the academic perspective of everything.  It definitely was a good visit."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for much mor on Chris Wormley in the coming days.

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