Michigan makes a good impression on Day's Mom

Sheldon Day came to Michigan with his mom and brother recently to take in the Michigan experience. His mom talked to GBW about what was important to her as they embark on choosing the right college for Sheldon.

Parents of recruits often look at colleges with their eyes are on something other than football. They worry about academics, and about things like what type of dorm he will stay in, and how close are the classes he will be attending.

Enter Ms. Boyd, Sheldon Day's mom, who takes this recruiting process very seriously and knows what she wants from the school that her son attends.

"Education and family are very important," she told GoBlueWolverine. "I want my son to leave with his degree from the college he decides to attend. I also want a college that is family oriented for my son."

A couple of Saturdays Sheldon and his family all made the trip up to Ann Arbor to see what Michigan has to present, not only to her son but to her as well. So they visited the headman, Brady Hoke, and his staff to see what their plan is for her son.

"We met Coach Brady Hoke -- what an exceptional man he is, he loves his players. He is interested in molding his kids into students first and players second. Coach Hoke knows he has a job to do and he wants to have a good time doing it. Coach Hoke talked about the boys maturing academically, standing up to your name and getting your degree."

She also appreciated the family touch that Michigan had at Schembechler Hall.

"Michigan is certainly family friendly up there. It was good to see the little kids running around there."

Next up was the person that Sheldon would be playing for on his side of the ball, the defensive coordinator.

"Coach Mattison is just a bundle of joy. He really loves the kids. I see a genuine care for the boys that he is recruiting to Michigan. I was impressed with his knowledge, and his sincerity with the way he cares about the boys."

Next Ms. Boyd and her son met the person he will be closest to if he plays at Michigan the defensive line coach.

"Coach Montgomery is family oriented. Coach led off the conversation talking about his three boys. He is excited about being at Michigan and he is down to earth as well. Sheldon seemed very comfortable with him -- those two spent a lot of time together."

The facilities caught her eye as well.

"I like the BIG HOUSE. They sit 116,000 and when they finish it will be 120,000. The facilities are up to date, very modern and clean (laughing). I wanted to make sure of that."

Clearly education is a big part for Ms. Boyd, so they had a chance to get up-close and personal with what Michigan has to offer in that department.

"We talked with the academic advisor Steve Conerly. I was very impressed with him. We were shown where they would be studying and it is a very nice place. I like the lower level computer lab -- they have a lot of room in there for the players. It really is no excuse to fail; they have a lot of education tools for them to succeed as student athletes. I also enjoyed looking at the small study tables for the student athletes to receive the help and attention with their academics that they need."

She wanted to see the campus and how it was set up for Sheldon getting around town.

"I was concerned about where his dorm would be in proximity to his classes, and I was happy that the dorms are not that far from his classes. The classes are all in one building and I really like to hear that."

As the visit was coming to a close they begin walking out the door to leave to go home, when ...

"The visit ended on a good note. All six of the coaches walked us out to our car. We mostly talked with Coach Hoke and Mattison. The visit went well. We had a good time."

Make no mistake this was one of many visits they will be going on together to find the best school for her son.

"We had a good time at Michigan, but we are going to make sure we find the best school for my son. It will be his decision at the end. Sheldon and I will continue to visits colleges and see what they have to offer as well."

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