New Mexico TE/DL Alan Branch

Student Sports' Greg Biggins calls 6-6, 305 lb. TE/DL Alan Branch the top player in New Mexico and one of the top players on the entire West Coast. After observing this player live, I don't see how anyone could disagree with him. Click for more on this great athlete including a few photos we snapped!

When GBW ventured down to the Army All-Star Weekend in San Antonio earlier this year, one of the highlights was the junior combine put on by Don Beebe. There were hundreds of kids there and none of them had name tags on. Luckily we already knew some of the coaches and players present and were able to follow the action. However, there were a few players that we didn't know, but that really stood out. One of those players was Terrail Lambert. Another was Albuquerque New Mexico's Alan Branch.

The first thing that struck us when we saw Alan is his sheer size. He's every bit the 6-6, 305 lbs. he's listed at. Once we became accustomed to that aspect of this young man, the next thing that amazed us is how agile he is. He has excellent grace and ease of movement for a kid his size. We first noticed him during one-on-one drills. The tight ends were going against the linebackers and there was this huge kid throwing moves on the backers and getting by them. His favorite move was a little side to side shake, and then jet to the outside past the linebacker. He blew by Buffalo Grove Ill.'s Eric Andino on just such a move.

Alan shakes Buffalo Grove Illinois LB, Eric Andino

Our suspicions about just what type of athlete Alan is were confirmed when we viewed his combine stats. (The stats listed below along with explanations of the drills can be found here.)

2003 Army Junior Combine Stats
Vertical Broad Bench Manual Time F.A.T. Time Pro Agility Three Cone
Name Jump Jump Press 10 40 10 20 40 Run Drill
Alan Branch 26.0 7-8.5 185/16 1.88 5.20 2.06 3.30 5.59 4.65 8.12

His forty time is identical to Gabe Watson's at the Ann Arbor Nike Camp a few years ago. His pro agility time (a drill very similar to the shuttle) was also comparable to Watson's shuttle time. Gabe (at 6-4, 330 lbs.) ran a 4.87 shuttle while Branch ran a 4.65 in the pro agility drill. Alan ran the second fastest forty and pro agility times amongst the tight ends. However, he outweighed both kids who edged him out in those events by a whopping 70 pounds! He outweighed all of the top offensive line performers by 20-80 pounds. Still, he beat all of them in the speed and agility drills and was barely edged out in the other tests (sans the bench press). The weight disparity was even greater between he and the top defensive linemen. Still, his stats compared very favorably to kids he outweighed by 30-80 pounds. Those numbers still don't seem to do justice to just how nimble Alan is.

Student Sports' Greg Biggins recently did an update on Alan and New Mexico's top athlete claimed Michigan as his leader. That update can be found here. I caught up with the young man from Cibola HIgh School in Albuquerque to get more info on his feelings about Michigan.

I read a report recently that Michigan is your leader.

Yes, that is true.

How long have you liked Michigan?

My dad is from Michigan so I've always been a Wolverine fan.

Do you have a top 5?

Not really. I just know that Michigan is on top at this point.

Have you been in contact with Michigan?

Yes. I received information on their summer camp.

Will you be attending the camp?


Will that be your first time coming to Michigan?

No. My brother actually camped there so we went up with him.

What are your other camping plans for the summer?

I'll be attending the Nike camp at Texas A&M. I'll also probably attend Texas A&M's camp.

Do you have a position preference at this point?

I want to play tight end, but defensive line would be okay too.

Do you know what position Michigan is looking at you for?

No I don't.

Do you think you'll be deciding early or close to signing day?

I'll be taking all five of my visits and then decide.

Do you know what you want to major in?

Some type of science probably.

What will be the major factors in your decision?

The major factors for me will be the campus and the chemistry I have with the coaches.

Keep an eye out for this kid's Nike camp performance. we'll keep you posted.

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