California DT Garners Michigan Interest

Aziz Shittu out of Atwater, California has twelve offers -- and Michigan is one of them. Aziz talks to GBW about why he was offered by the Wolverines as well as his interest in U-M.

There are times in life when you have to make things happen for yourself, just to make sure you are not passed up. Aziz Shittu created an opportunity for himself with the University of Michigan.

"I was interested in Michigan so I sent (Coach Ferrigno) film of myself. And things happened (that is, and offer) in a matter of three days."

When the coaches received the film they were very interested in what was coming across the screen.

"Michigan offered after looking at my film. I had a chance to talk with Coach Mattison -- he told me he loves the way I play and that I can be a big part of what they do."

Aziz also likes the commitment that Coach Mattison has shown to be at the University of Michigan.

"He came from the NFL to coach At Michigan -- that really intrigued me that he would leave the pros to come to college. Michigan has great tradition: they are in the Big Ten, their education is great and they are on TV a lot, so I am interested in them."

Michigan as well as other schools will have to fight off another school that Shittu has been impressed with.

"Stanford. When I visited there it was really nice. I am comfortable there and they have good football. I enjoy the people over there."

As far as improving on his football skills Shittu continues trying to become a better player.

"I have a desire to win and help my teammates. I can get off the ball fast with my leverage-- it helps me get pressure on the quarterback. I am just trying to improve on my speed and quickness as well as getting stronger."

Aziz seems to just be taking his time as far as a decision goes.

"I am just going to take my time and get more acquainted with the recruiting process."

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