Frozen Four: North Dakota Pre-Game Quotes

University of North Dakota Head Coach Dave Hakstol and players Jason Gregoire, Chay Genoway and Brad Malone met with the media at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on Wednesday to talk about the Frozen Four.

Head Coach – Dave Hakstol
On being at the Frozen Four
"We got into St. Paul last night and it's exciting to get in and to get moved into the Xcel Energy Center. We're looking forward to what's going to be a great hockey game tomorrow night. I don't know if you would call it absolutely routine, but obviously you try to keep everything that's under your control into a fairly regular routine. Our guys have talked about it, enjoy the day, have a little bit of fun, but when it's time to work, go to work and do our jobs. So far today our guys have done a good job on all of those things, and we'll continue with our day."

On playing Michigan
"I have a great deal of respect for their program, the history and tradition of their program, and the success that they've had. More specifically, I have a significant amount of respect for their team this year and the accomplishments they've had over the long haul of this year winning the CCHA and how well they are playing right now. They're a complete hockey team in every sense of the word and a complete hockey team that is playing very well. We're looking forward to the challenge tomorrow night and a great hockey game. We're going to have to be at our best at the drop of the puck tomorrow night.

On the teams in this year's Frozen Four
"We haven't played Michigan, so we know we've had to prepare really well for them off of some game film video. The other two teams we have played. I think it's a tremendous field here at this year's Frozen Four. All four teams that got here came through tremendously difficult regionals. Not only are there four pretty good hockey teams here, but those four teams are playing well. You have to be playing well to come through that challenging regional tournament, and we've all been able to do that. I think in terms of the field, the venue and the setting it's has the makings of a tremendous tournament."

On preparing for Michigan
"I think there are a lot of stars on their hockey team. I think they are very deep and have a ton of good players throughout their lineup. They have a high skill level and they have a very competitive skill level. We've done our regular pre-scout and pre-game meetings in the lead-up during the week, nothing more and nothing less. We've prepared ourselves to come out and play as well as we can play. We're trying to prepare ourselves to play our best game of the season tomorrow night, that's the way we've tried to prepare."

On the senior class
"They've played such a huge role. They're the leadership core of this group, which starts with our seven seniors. Our senior class is a great group of young men. They're extremely resilient and they've stuck together over four years. One of the best compliments that I can pay to them is that they're great teammates, they work hard and they have fun, and they do all those things together. That's been a real strengthening bond for them and that's trickled down to our entire hockey team in the locker room."

Jason Gregoire
Thoughts on being at the Frozen Four
"We are trying to stay loose and have fun. A couple of guys were playing cards on the bus ride in yesterday and again last night. You have to enjoy the experience while you are here otherwise you ruin the overall opportunity of being at the Frozen Four."

On returning to Xcel Energy Center after a strong showing at WCHA Final Five
"The Xcel Energy Center is a beautiful arena. If there is a rink out there that can rival Ralph Engelstad Arena it would be this one. I am looking forward to seeing our fans come out for the game tomorrow. At the WCHA Final Five our fans were unbelievable. It is going to be a really fun night for us."

On the added media attention the team has had to deal with
"A big aspect of our team and our game lately is that no egos have crept in whatsoever. Whether that is individual awards or media attention, we are all focused on one goal. People might think we are just being cliché in saying that but we actually believe it. We are just focusing on our job at hand and right now that is playing Michigan tomorrow."

Chay Genoway
Thoughts on being at the Frozen Four
"We are really focused in on Michigan and a lot of their tendencies. We watched a fair bit of video on Michigan today and did our job at practice in order to prepare for the game tomorrow."

On returning to Xcel Energy Center after a strong showing at WCHA Final Five
"Over the last couple of years we have had the chance to play a lot of games in this building so there is a bit of comfort there. However, we are playing a different hockey team that we didn't see at the WCHA Final Five. We are playing Michigan and we haven't played them much before so we are preparing for what they will bring tomorrow."

On returning to UND for a fifth season
"It has been a great experience so far. Obviously last year was a tough one for me personally. Just to have the chance to do it over again has been pretty special. For this year's senior class to take me and to have the opportunity to join their class has been a pretty cool thing. They are a group of six guys that are pretty tight knit. It has been a fun ride so far and hopefully we have a lot of memories to come."

Brad Malone
Playing at Xcel Energy Center
"When it comes down to it we play 60 minutes in the rink. I think it doesn't really matter what rink we play on, but if it helps us prepare we'll use it to our advantage."

Consistent play over the last 15 games (winning streak)
"We focus at the task at hand. What is behind us is behind us. I don't think that is what is pushing us. We are focused on tomorrow and getting a win and that is all that really matters."

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