The Spring Evaluation Period

The Spring Evaluation Period for football recruiting has started. Here is what happens during this period (it's an NCAA-defined period, which mean's it's somewhat complicated!).

The Spring Evaluation Period for football recruiting started April 15th and runs for six weeks, through May 31.

During this six-weeks period a college football program gets to pick any four weeks (Mon. through Sat., no Sundays) for its 'spring evaluations'.

These 'evaluations' are comprised of the eight assistant coaches going on the road to prospects' high schools. No in-home visits are allowed at this time. And even during the school visits no 'contact' with a prospect is allowed ... 'incidental contact' is okay, which means a 'quick hello'.

During an in-school 'evaluation visit', the visiting college assistant meets with the prospect's high school coaches and academic counselors. They watch film on the prospect, and/or in the South where there is spring practice they watch the prospect in person. Outside the South if the prospect is in a spring sport (track or baseball), the assistant can watch the kid in a practice or in a meet/game. Even if the prospect is not in a spring sport, there is strength and conditioning going on, and the college assistant can watch the prospect go through that. So this is an opportunity to see a prospect in person and size him up, and to spend time with his coaches. They also go over the prospects' academic transcript. At this time the kids are given brochures and/or media guides, and are invited to the college's summer camp.

A Saturday Nike Camp can be used for evaluation too. So it can be assumed that Michigan made this their first week for evaluations and will include this Saturday's Michigan Nike Camp as well. In fact, ANY college using this week for evaluations can come to the U-M Nike and observe the kids in attendance -- at last summer's Texas A&M Nike there were dozens of college coaches in attendance (at last year's MSU Nike we observed only MSU and Purdue coaches). Interestingly, Sunday is off-limits for evaluations, so next Sunday's PSU's Nike Camp is off-limits to all college coaches, including PSU's.

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