Michigan's Honesty Stands Out with Aka

Indianapolis (IN) Pike TE Pierre Aka made his way to Ann Arbor for the first time last weekend and had an experience that strengthened Michigan's already favorable standing in his recruitment. He recapped the visit with GoBlueWolverine recently, detailing his impressions of the coaches, the facilities, how he'd fit in with the Maize & Blue, and more.

Sam Webb:  So how did it go for you up at Michigan?

Pierre Aka:  "Everything went great and I had a good time.  It was amazing.  It was pretty good.  I think it was everything that I haven't seen before.  Based on the other schools I've visited, I think it is the best so far. "

Sam Webb:  What was it that made it so amazing; what made it stand out so much?

Pierre Aka:  "I think once we got there…I think it was the fact that they took the time and I talked to some academic advisors.  We talked for almost an hour.   I talked with the position coach and Coach Borges.  We talked for an hour or two.  I visited the facilities and it was nice. And really they were fully honest with me.  I think that is what I liked about it too.  You can always find coaches that are so honest with you and you know what they really think."

Sam Webb:  Who went on the visit with you?

Pierre Aka:  "I went up there with my coach."

Sam Webb:  You said you appreciated their honesty.  Was that with regard to where you stand on their list?

Pierre Aka:  "I think it is more everything, what we think about you and what we are going to do with you and where you stand as far as being somebody could play here and has an offer.  They just really explained to me everything they thought.  None of that, ‘Oh we need to get you to camp and we'll see about it.' It was more like, ‘we need to see this from you in order for you to get an offer.'  I think to me that is what I ask coaches, and if they are honest with me, then I'll be honest with them."

Sam Webb:  Where exactly do you stand with them?

Pierre Aka:  "Basically, they said that they wanted me to offer me, but they have to see a little bit more of me.  They want to see me catch them a little more, but they said that they could very well offer at any time before end of summer.  I'm on their list.  If one of the two top guys decides they are going somewhere else or they decide they are not any good any more, then they can definitely offer me.  It is more of do they have enough film to be sure that I'm the guy? They've got to see me in person a little bit.  It is kind of like the one-two offer, but they got to be sure of it.  They don't want to jump into it too quickly."

Sam Webb:  After spending so much time with Coach Borges and Coach Hoke I imagine you got a good feel for their personalities? 

Pierre Aka:  "Yeah.  I talked about an hour with each of them and they seem more laid back.  They weren't trying to get me uncomfortable.  It was more like, are you good, is there anything we can do in order for you to be this or that.  We were just talking like two regular people and getting to know each other and tell each other stories.  It wasn't more of I'm sitting here and I'm kind of nervous and see what they think of me.  It was more like both talking just like regular people."

Sam Webb:  Are they definitely talking to you about tight end or did they talk to you about any other positions?

Pierre Aka:  "Definitely tight end."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to watch practice?

Pierre Aka:  "I didn't because unfortunately I came exactly when practice ended.  I heard that the offense had a bad, so at least I didn't get to see that."

Sam Webb:  As far as your offer list right now; what schools have offered you?

Pierre Aka:  "Ball State, Bowling Green, Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, Arkansas State, Toledo and Miami of Ohio."

Sam Webb:  I don't know if you've thought about this yet, but where would you say that Michigan stands on your list right now?

Pierre Aka:  "I don't too much to have a favorite, especially for a school that has not offered yet.  I'm just kind of looking.  I'm not really trying to pick any favorites.  I'm trying to get offers and once I get enough I can start making a decision of having a top five, a top ten or whatever.  I'll definitely be thinking Blue."

Sam Webb:  Do have an idea of some o the other places that you are going to visit?

Pierre Aka:  "I'm going to go to Michigan State.  I will go to Northwestern and definitely try to make me way to Penn State.  This summer I plan on going to Mississippi State for sure and to LSU.  I see along the way, where I might go to Purdue or Northwestern for  camp."

Sam Webb:  Would you like to have your final decision made before your season or are you maybe going to prolong it a little bit more now?

Pierre Aka:  "If I feel pretty firm about a school, I can make it before the season, but I definitely won't do it during the season.  We will do it before or after the season."


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