NLA 7v7 Pittsburgh: U-M Target Breakdown

GBW's Eugene Hankerson was at the NLA Pitt 7-7 Tourney this past weekend. Here's his scouting report on seven U-M recruits -- Zeke Pike, Armani Reeves, Terry Richardson, Ron Thompson, Deaysean Rippy, Greg Garmon, Shane Morris.

Zeke Pike: There have already been enough reports written about the way Pike exited the tournament, so I won't provide much commentary on that front. I do believe that Pike was fully aware of his actions and deserved to be held accountable. As for his play this weekend, it wasn't quite what you'd expect to see from a five star quarterback. He was rusty, he struggled with reading coverage and was late on some throws. He did have his moments, showing great touch on the deep ball and completing a number of passes into tight spaces. Overall, he just needs to keep working in order to be more consistent.

Deaysean Rippy: Had his best performance of the camp season. Rippy showed the ability to play in his space and close quickly on passes thrown near him. He showed how athletic he is by flipping over to the offensive side of the ball and put in work as receiver. The only question people have about Rippy is whether he can add the necessary weight to be successful on the next level. He doesn't have a big frame, and I'm not sure if he'll be able to add 20-30 pounds to his current 200-210 without loosing a step. If he can, watch out!

Ronald Thompson: Good things happen when the ball gets into his hands. Unfortunately, his team rarely noticed. Thompson is a big target who snags just about anything that hits his hands. When he catches the ball the result is either a first down or touchdown.

Terry Richardson: It's hard to say much about Richardson this weekend because he didn't face much of a challenge. I would have loved to see him go against some of the receivers in the tournament, but those matchups never materialized. Richardson spent his time checking slot receivers and playing on offense. He made plays on both sides of the ball.

Armani Reeves: Continues to show why he's one of the top players in the country. Reeves is physical at the line of scrimmage, has long arms, and strong enough that he only jams receivers with one hand. What I love the most about his game is that he's always around the ball. If the ball is thrown his way, Reeves is either going to make a play on the ball or be in position to make a play on the ball. In other words, he stays in the receiver's hip pocket and doesn't allow any extra yardage if there is a catch. He's getting close to naming his own island…

Greg Garmon: Going into this event, there were a lot of questions pertaining to what position he projects to on the next level. In my opinion, Garmon will be either a running back or safety in college. He made some plays, but could have made a lot more if he caught the ball better. Garmon ran respectable routes and had defensive backs playing off because he has very good speed.

Shane Morris: Had to carry the load by himself since Blake Blackwell was on an unofficial visit to Penn State over the weekend. He threw ball very well most of the weekend. Morris showed poise, accuracy, and did a good job reading coverages. He will need to work on getting the ball out of hand quicker and on anticipating his throws.

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