Denard talks about the Spring

Denard talks about his performance Saturday, and that of the Offense and the Defense.

Question: Today seemed a little choppy, is this how the spring has gone, or was today an aberration of how the spring has gone?

Denard Robinson: "It has been a little different, but for the most part that is how we practice, we practice that most of the spring."

Question: How about you for individually?

Denard Robinson: "I was a little off today. I think I made a couple of bad throws. We're going to be back and ready to focus on summer workouts."

Question: Are you still trying to get comfortable working under center a lot?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. I still got to learning to do in the summer. I'm not perfect yet. I got to always improve, always got time for improvement. That's the biggest thing right now."

Question: The footwork part of it that they are trying to change with you, how difficult is that a change for you?

Denard Robinson: "Just sometimes when I get to dropping back, I need to slow down my feet so I can be under control and throw the ball on point -- that's the biggest thing. The coach keeps on working with my footwork, that's the biggest thing right now. That's the thing I have to probably work on the most out of all the things, and just keep working at it -- and that's what he keeps telling me. Just keeping working at it."

Question: (Greg) Mattison said he wouldn't want to be coaching against use when you have to be tackled. Is there part of you that wishes that you had just got to run without being touched down?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. Sometimes I be out there and be like, man, come on, let us play live. They do it for the safety of the quarterbacks so that is the biggest thing."

Question: How did you feel you did overall today?

Denard Robinson: "I think I did alright. I think I could have done better. I always got time for improvement. Got to come back ready to work."

Question: Are you in the process where you have to think a lot more instead of just reacting because of some the changes?

Denard Robinson: "At the beginning I was thinking way too much, but now I'm just thinking a little bit. I'm trying to get a grip of that offense. That's going to be the biggest thing."

Question: As the quarterback reading this defense, is there a lot going on before the snap, a lot of things that you need to pay attention to?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. Like from last year, you had to know what the defense is going to give you. You can't just go out there just guessing. You got to see what the safeties are going to do, what the cornerbacks are going to do -- so that is the biggest thing."

Question: How much of a transition is it from the offense you ran the first year?

Denard Robinson: "It's a big transition….it is not big, we dropped back in the last offense, but we didn't go under center as much and drop back. It is just being under center and being comfortable."

Question: What is it like reading and making calls as opposed to getting checks from the sideline?

Denard Robinson: "It is something that you've got to get used to. You just got to get adjusted to it."

Question: The first play we saw from you today is what we saw a lot last year where you just scrambled out there; was that you improvising or was there something designed?

Denard Robinson: "It was something designed. He just gave me a quarterback draw and I kind of just took it and went with it."

Question: Do you get excited when those plays pop up, because they are probably not as often as they used to be.

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. I like throwing touchdowns, I'm not going to lie to you. I like throwing touchdowns more than me scoring. I'm alright with that."

Question: The last series of the game, you stepped up a couple of times against the blitz and made some good throws. Do you feel like that is part of your game that is improving?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah, that is what I need to improve on. I still got time to improve on that, sometimes I catch myself doing the wrong things. Coach stays on me and I just got to keep improving."

Question: Have you put on some weight since the bowl game?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah."

Question: How much?

Denard Robinson: "Probably ten pounds, I'm like 200 now."

Question: What are you hoping for by fall?

Denard Robinson: "It don't matter."

Question: About where you're at?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah."

Question: Has it slowed you down at all?

Denard Robinson: "No. You watch out there. You tell me, I don't know. I feel alright."

Question: You guys had to score a lot of points to win at times last year, from what you are seeing out of the defense do you think it is going to be a little bit better from that side of things?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, it is going to always be better. Unfortunately, we had that, but I think we're going to get a couple of key stops that we are going to need. The defense is going out there playing hungry this year, so it is going to be a good deal."

Question: Coach Hoke and Coach Borges cool with your shoelace deal?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah they told me as long as they don't fall off I'm good."

Question: What is the summer going to be like when you have do it on your own? Do they have an ideal and a plan for you?

Denard Robinson: "They just want me to keep working on it. It depends on how bad I want it, and that's what I want to do and I'm going to keep working at it."

Question: As one of the leaders now, you have to organize the seven on sevens and stuff like. Are you excited about that leadership role?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, being a leader at the University of Michigan that's crazy man, 132nd team."

Question: Talk about your relationship with Coach Hoke, what is he like with you and how you kind of reactive to him?

Denard Robinson: "He's a good guy. He's a down-to-earth guy. He's a player's coach. He loves being on the field with us. It is a joy and he makes it exciting."

Question: When the transition came, how long did you consider your decision to leave or to stay?

Denard Robinson: "This is the University of Michigan. So it was kind of hard at first, but the teammates and my family, they kind of told me that if you really want to stay this is a great university to graduate from, and this is a great, great program to be a part of. It was a no brainer."

Question: Outside of the Xs and Os, what are some of the other differences with Coach Hoke's staff compared with Coach Rodriguez, not necessarily offense or defense or game plans, any other changes like team building and things of that nature?

Denard Robinson: "They remind me of the same, because I am on the opposite side of the ball. Coach Borges reminds me of Coach Magee, funny guy, great guy to be around. I think it is just the same way. I can't say too much about the past."

Question: Coach Borges said last week that one of the things that he thinks you and Devin (Gardner) like is that the offense is going to prepare you for the next level. Is that something, how this can prepare you for the NFL work in your mind?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah it can prepare me for the NFL, but right now I'm not worried about the NFL. I'm worried about playing for the University of Michigan and playing in college."

Question: Is the fact that this offense could prepare you, is that a reason why maybe you thought this could be a thing for you?

Denard Robinson: "Yes at some point, but not really. It was more about being here with my teammates and playing for the University of Michigan and playing for Brady Hoke."

Question: They talk about keeping you healthy and how important that is, do you see how that is going to work this year, better opportunities by running the ball less that you're going to be able to be healthy.

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, I can see that. I can see that. We're going to have some backs that can carry the ball and have fun with them. We have an offensive line that is going to go down and make some big blocks and receivers catch the ball. It is going to be a good deal."

Question: Can you talk about Devin's progress this spring?

Denard Robinson: "He's a player. He is always competing and we're always helping each other and helping each other get better. He is a great guy, my roommate. He is a great dude. I can't say nothing bad about him."

Question: You guys live together?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah."

Question: It's funny, he was trashing you. Nah, I'm just playing.

Denard Robinson: "I knew he wouldn't do that. I ain't worrying about that."

Question: Coach Mattison said before spring that you two have….

Denard Robinson: "Yeah we have that love/hate relationship. He's a great guy. I love competing because very day you come to practice. He's going to say something to you that makes you want compete against him and that's what always drives me in practice."

Question: What is the thing that fired you up the most that he said?

Denard Robinson: "He said, man you can't throw, you can't throw. He always says that to me and I know he is teasing me. I go down and I make a throw and I come back to him and say something to him. That's a great deal."

Question: Do you say something back to beside just showing what you can do?

Denard Robinson: "No I just smile at him that's it."

Question: Are their times in practice where you see something and you're thinking and then you stop yourself and know you got to throw; has it changed your instincts at all this new system?

Denard Robinson: "Sometimes when I see stuff like that, if I see a man down the field and I can get it to him, why run the ball, just give it to the open receiver. Coach Borges said think pass first and run second."

Question: Has that been difficult for you?

Denard Robinson: "No it is not."

Question: What is your favorite part of this offense?

Denard Robinson: "A lot of things, being able to throw the ball down the field; as a quarterback you love doing that. A lot of things -- helping me get better with my feet work."

Question: You established yourself as a potential starter last summer; what is it this summer that you think you need to work on to be ready for fall camp?

Denard Robinson: "I've got to show them that I'm ready to work and I'm hungry to play for them and ready to play with the guys and lead them. That's the biggest thing I'm going to have to do this year."

Question: What is like when you see Mike Martin all over the place?

Denard Robinson: "Man he's a great athlete. So wherever I see him, I'm like, man I got to watch where he is coming from."

Question: He called that first run to get you into your comfort zone, but then after he was calling plays out of your comfort zone a little bit, things that you were working on this spring. Is it fair to say that maybe it wasn't your go to plays that you were running today, it was just stuff that you were working?

Denard Robinson: "That was a good deal. I like when he does stuff like. He put a little challenge on me to make me want to play better and make me want to do better. That's the biggest thing."

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