Bolden Still Major Priority for U-M

Michigan landed two linebacker commitments last week, and will likely take only one or two more. Cincinnati Colerain's Joe Bolden is one of the top options for the remaining slots. Bolden chatted with GoBlueWolverine recently about his visit to Ann Arbor last week, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb: I know you've been focusing a great deal on baseball lately. Are you a pitcher or a position player?

Joe Bolden: "I'm a position player. Right field and first base sometimes."

Sam Webb: Is that something that you sort of aspire to do in college as well, or is it just going to be a high school thing for you?

Joe Bolden: "It would be awesome to play in college, but it is not a deal breaker. The University of Cincinnati said I could probably play there. Kentucky said I could try out for their team as well. Other than that, I really haven't talked to any other colleges, a letter here and there, for baseball -- my bread and butter is in football."

Sam Webb: I saw you at Michigan's practice last Tuesday with your mom and dad. Was there anything different for you this time around?

Joe Bolden: "I think it was a great trip once again. I got to see the rest of the campus, not just the football facilities and academic center. I also got to sit in on a class as well. I think it was a very good, informative experience. That was the first time for my mother."

Sam Webb: What did your mom think?

Joe Bolden: "She liked it a lot. She liked the coaches. Obviously, the facilities are unreal. When I sat in on one of the classes, my mom and dad walked around the campus a little bit by themselves without anybody, just to see what it was like. And my dad was kept pretty busy too, a lot of work phone calls. They went and did that and I guess they talked a little bit, and then at the end we spent probably 45 minutes with Coach Hoke -- and he talked mainly to my mom, because my dad and I were up there before. He asked her if she had any questions and all that."

Sam Webb: When you sat down with all the coaches this time around, was there anything more specific about their plan for you and how you would fit with them?

Joe Bolden: "Not really, no. That was pretty much taking care of the first visit -- where I fit in with the program, what they think my possibilities of playing as a freshman are. What I could bring to the table for the university."

Sam Webb: Did they talk to you at all about your timeline and how that fit into their recruiting picture? Did they mention how many linebackers they were going to take and that sort of thing?

Joe Bolden: "I think they said they were taking three or four linebackers. They didn't really talk about a timetable to me, or (anything like) if I didn't say yes by this time, they would pull it. I don't think they are the types that would do that. When they offer a guy, I think it is pretty solid that they believe in that guy and they are going to trust that guy."

Sam Webb: I know you've been to Michigan a few times now and you've been down to University of Cincinnati. Where else have you been, and where else do you think you're going to go before the end of your school year?

Joe Bolden: "Where am I going to go? I really could not answer that question right now. I really just reflected on the trip to Michigan with my uncle and my father and (recently) with my mother and my father. I'm going stay at home, spend some family time with my brothers and sisters, and talk to my uncle a little bit more about all this college stuff and what it will be the right thing to do. Other than that, I don't have any future trips. The schools I have been to are Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, University of Cincinnati, Kentucky. Just a lot more regional schools, easier to get to without a long drive or anything."

Sam Webb: Let me see if I understand you right… you don't have any trips scheduled right now and you're going to talk things over with your family. Does that mean there is at least a possibility that before the end of your school year you will make a decision?

Joe Bolden: "I couldn't tell you the answer with that question. If I feel comfortable with a school ten minutes from now and God gives me a sign and answers my prayers and tells me where I'm going to spend the next four or five years of my life, it is going to happen ten minutes from now. Now if God has got a plan for me to wait all the way up until February 2nd, it will be made on February 2nd at 7 o'clock in the morning ... and that is me and just how God works his magic."

Sam Webb: If you do take other visits later this school year or in the summer, what are some of the other places that you might make it out to?

Joe Bolden: "Probably Penn State, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, pretty much everywhere where you're able to drive too. When you're talking about plane flights, that's going to take some planning and obviously some money too, and that's going to take a couple of weeks to plan. It is hard to answer that question as well."

Sam Webb: You've been to Michigan a couple of times now, do you sort of have an idea of where they fit on your list; do you have a top group of schools that are sort of sticking out for you right now?

Joe Bolden: "I have some schools. I'm going to keep those to myself right now."

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