Beilein Drops in on Walton

The state of Michigan's 2013 class is loaded at the point guard position, and the Wolverines have already put a number of them in the crosshairs. One of the hottest targets is Chandler Park Academy floor general, Derrick Walton Jr. Michigan made it out to see the lighting quick guard a number of times this year, and did so again earlier this week.

Sam Webb:  I heard a lot of schools have been dropping by to check you out to check you out.  Which ones have stopped by this week?

Derrick Walton:  "(Monday) Coach Izzo, Coach Beilein, an assistant from Temple, and an assistant from Cleveland State came by."

Sam Webb:  What is Michigan State saying to you about where you fit on their list right now?

Derrick Walton:  "I really don't know.  They're talking to my dad about it.  I really don't know about it.  I'm just going with the flow right now."

Sam Webb:  You yourself have not really had any conversations with them at all?

Derrick Walton:  "I mean yeah, but nothing serious on that, just them telling me that they're interested and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  Did you make it up to any Michigan State games this past year?

Derrick Walton:  "Yeah I went to a few.  It was nice."

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan?  What do you think of Wolverines?

Derrick Walton:  "Man, I really like the Wolverines right now.  The whole tournament run, the Big Ten run, and just developing as a program.  I like the new facilities, the coaching staff, and everything that they're building."

Sam Webb:  You being a point guard, I imagine you watched Darius Morris pretty closely.  What did you think of the season he had?

Derrick Walton:  "He tore it up.  Averaging almost a double-double and as a sophomore is big.  He just tore it up."

Sam Webb:  Is it same situation with Michigan as it is Michigan State in that you haven't really talked about anything serious?

Derrick Walton:  "It has been pretty serious that way.  They're talking about maybe offering soon."

Sam Webb:  So they're turning up the heat.  Who else seems to be coming at you like Michigan is right now?

Derrick Walton:  "Xavier and schools like Connecticut… a lot of Big East (schools)."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be making an early decision early or are you going to be waiting until your senior year?

Derrick Walton:  "If I like it right off the rip, I don't find any point in me just waiting if I know where I want to go."

Sam Webb:  So what's next for you?  I know you've got the AAU thing that you do, but are you going to be making it up two any campuses for any visits anything like that during the rest of the spring and summer?

Derrick Walton:  "I'm pretty sure that I will be.  I talked to a couple of coaches about unofficial stuff like that, so soon be making visits."

Sam Webb:  What about mom and dad?  I know dad wears two hats as dad and coach.  What are they telling you to do?

Derrick Walton:  "Just not to make a decision too early.  Think long term and not short term and go mostly for the education and the coaching relationship."

Sam Webb:  You mentioned the schools that are on you right now, but who are the schools that you really like right now?

Derrick Walton:  "I don't really have any favorites right now.  They're all really neutral.  I'm just happy that they all show me love."

Sam Webb:  Do you have any offers on the table as we speak?

Derrick Walton:  "I honestly don't know.  My dad knows all that stuff and he really doesn't tell me anything."

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