Illinois OLB Talks About U-M Visit

Illinois Outside LInebacker Antonio Morrison made it to Michigan for the Spring Game ... where do things currently stand for him?

Sam Webb: Talk about your experience in Ann Arbor this past weekend? What were your impressions?

Antonio Morrison: "It was great. I loved the coaches, but it did not live up to what I was thinking. I love the coaches and I like the staff and if they were to offer, they still going to be at the top of my list. Being up there was a great experience. There was a lot of history up there, tradition and atmosphere was great."

Sam Webb: What about stadium man? You stepped into the Big House for the first time. What did you think of that?

Antonio Morrison: "The stadium was great, it was big. It must sit like 120,000 or something."

Sam Webb: It's not that big (laughter). They can pack in there 113,000, but not 120,000. You've made no secret of growing up a Michigan fan. What got you started liking the Wolverines?

Antonio Morrison: "My dad likes Michigan. He lived in Ann Arbor. He is from Chicago, the Southside, but he lived in Ann Arbor with his brother because his brother was a professor at Michigan. He lived with him for two years and then he ended up moving back (to Chicago). He said that he used to be able to go to the games and get into the games because his brother was a professor. So I grew up just liking that school. Charles Woodson!"

Sam Webb: So what did the Michigan coaching staff say about how you fit into their recruiting picture?

Antonio Morrison: "The coaches were being real straight up. They're only taking three linebackers and they've got two committed. I was just like, ‘hopefully I'm one of those linebackers.' The coaches was telling me that I could play almost any linebacker position on their team. I was thinking that I could fit right in watching their spring game."

Sam Webb: What did they say as far as an offer was concerned?

Antonio Morrison: "They've got all my tape and they said they're going to make a decision soon. They said they are going to make a decision over the next week or so and they said that they are going to let me know in a few weeks."

Sam Webb: You just said that they only taking three linebackers. If they offer you a scholarship what does that do to your timetable?

Antonio Morrison: "I think I'm going to make a decision quick, but they're definitely going to be in the top of my consideration, at the top of my list, right up there."

Sam Webb: What kind of vibe did you get off the coaching staff? You said they were straight up with you, but on a personnel level what did you think of the guys you talked to?

Antonio Morrison: "Coach Hecklinski he is a little comedian, man (laughter). He has got that talk show voice. It don't fit his personality, but he is real funny and real cool. The coaching staff is focused on getting the program back to what it used to be… a powerhouse."

Sam Webb: Who are the schools that have offered you already?

Antonio Morrison: "The biggest schools are Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Vanderbilt and San Diego State."

Sam Webb: Do you have a favorite that is sort of sticking out for you?

Antonio Morrison: "A favorite? Naw not right now. My top three schools are Florida, Illinois and Minnesota. If Michigan were to offer they would be right in there."

Sam Webb: You said that you are probably not going to make a decision right away. Do you have a timeline for when you will?

Antonio Morrison: "Naw, I haven't thought yet. I'm just going to go with it. When I feel, ‘man this is the place I want to be,' that is when I am going to make my decision."

Sam Webb: What are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Antonio Morrison: "The program stability, how the program is going to be, where they going, where they headed. The environment around there and the coaching staff, if they love me and want me that is where I've got to be."

Sam Webb: What about your people? What is your family saying to you?

Antonio Morrison: "My family just wants to do what is best for me. They are going to support any decision I make. They just want to do what's best."

Sam Webb: So distance from home is not going to matter at all?

Antonio Morrison: "That ain't no problem, no problem."

Sam Webb: Tell me a little about your game. If we're watching Antonio Morrison on the football field, what we are going to see?

Antonio Morrison: "You are going to see me hard nose, filling holes, killing people! I love to hit. That's my thing, I love to hit. I'm a versatile player, I can run, I am strong, I can do pass rush or whatever."

Sam Webb: What is your height, weight and 40 time?

Antonio Morrison: "I'm 6'3", I weight 215 and my forty time that I ran last year was a 4.72. I'm sure I got faster from that."

Sam Webb: When you look at yourself, not just Michigan's defense but any defense, is there a particular role you feel you're best suited for?

Antonio Morrison: "A lot of schools are looking at me inside, but I can do either one. A lot of schools say I'm versatile and tell me I can play anything. They telling me I can play the hybrid linebacker, the SAM linebacker… but really I can do it all."

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