Chris Bryant talks Michigan, Diamond

Michigan signee Chris Bryant talks about what he's being told to do to get ready for the fall … and he talks about his teammate, Jordan Diamond.

Sam Webb: Give us a little update on the progress of Chris Bryant. How are things going for you?

Chris Bryant: "Everything been going good. Just getting ready for the summer, come out here and work hard and just following the Michigan work out plan."

Sam Webb: When you say your workout plan what do they want you to do? Do they want you to be bigger?

Chris Bryant: "No, they send you a book once you commit, and you've got to do a certain eating plan and workout plan and everything like that. It is just a whole book that they send that you've got to follow by."

Sam Webb: What is your workout routine like in a given week? What are you doing?

Chris Bryant: "On Monday maybe upper body and then Tuesday will be conditioning and then Wednesday lower body, Thursday conditioning and Friday will be like ab work or something. It switches up."

Sam Webb: After watching the spring game what did you think of the team's progress?

Chris Bryant: "They were looking good. Like the coaches were saying, they've still got a little more work to do, but we're getting ready. We've got a lot of great incoming freshman coming in and we're just all going to add to this program and make it back to what it used to be."

Sam Webb: Are you in contact with guys in your class talking about coming in?

Chris Bryant: "Oh yeah."

Sam Webb: Who are you talking to and what are you guys saying?

Chris Bryant: "I'm talking to everybody, Chris (Barnett), Justice (Hayes), we're talking to everybody. We're just telling everybody to make sure we working hard so when we come back up, it is time to ball. This is D1, it ain't high school no more. Everybody is pumping each other up and we just ready to ball."

Sam Webb: You came up to the spring game with your man Jordan Diamond… what's the deal with him? What's happening?

Chris Bryant: "I'm trying to get him. It is hard to turn down the Big House. He's liking it a lot. I'm about to go to the store and get him some more Michigan gear. He is going to be a Wolverine also."

Sam Webb: Do you think his process is going to play out like yours? You knew what you liked early on, but you sort of let it play out a little longer and waited until January. Do you think it is kind of going to go the same way with Jordan?

Chris Bryant: "I can't really say right now. He's still going through the process. He doesn't want to up and make a decision because I say something. It has got to be in his heart, but I think he feels Michigan a lot. I'm not sure when he will commit or whatever he is going to do. I'm not sure if he is going to wait it out. I really don't even know, but I'm going to work on him to commit early."

Sam Webb: When do you report?

Chris Bryant: "June 27th is my day that I will be here."

Sam Webb: Are you feeling a little sad that high school is coming to an end or is the feeling that you can't wait for it to come to an end?

Chris Bryant: "There are mixed emotions. You're going to miss people that you've been around and been seeing for four years, but I'm quickly going to get over that once I get to Michigan."

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