Chat w/ Col. DE Calais Campbell's Coach

Denver South Coach Ryan Mullaney gives us the lowdown on his most highly touted player. A Michigan coach visited the school recently and was very impressed.

Calais Campbell had an outstanding season last year, which culminated in him being named to the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post and Colorado High School Coaches Association all-state teams. His on the field exploits have caught the attention of major colleges across the nation, including Michigan. Be on the lookout for an interview with Calais himself. In the meantime, here is his coach's perspective on where things stand.


Can you give the fans a little background on what type of player Calais is?

"He's 6'8", weighs 232 pounds, and runs a 4.7 forty. He's a great pass rusher. He's a pursuit/contain defensive end."

"I think he came pretty close to setting a state of Colorado record in sacks with 18. He got those sacks in a league that averages about 9 passes a game."

What schools has he been hearing from so far?

"Colorado, Colorado State, Georgia Tech, Nebraska…he's heard from just about every major Division 1 school."

What offers does he have on the table currently?

"I know he's got one from Colorado State. San Diego State has left me messages saying that they are trying to offer him. Georgia Tech has told me that they're going to offer him."

"His brother Kiari has already committed to CSU and will be there in the fall. He was a senior last year."

Which Michigan coach was it that visited your school the other day?

"Coach Malone. Calais didn't receive an offer. However, they told me that they were very impressed with him and that he was on the high end of their recruiting list. They also called today to request more film. I think Calais understands that they are very interested."

Tell us a little about Calais off of the field.

"He's a great kid. He comes from a real solid and ethical family. I think there are seven boys and one girl in that family. His mom and dad are great South High school supporters. They're the ideal parents and Calais has great character."

"In the classroom he's carrying a 3.1 grade point average right now."

Do you foresee him being a kid who will make a decision early or will he wait until later on in the process?

"I think he's got some mixed emotions about that. That said, I don't think he'll let the best deal slide."

Has he visited any of the schools on his list yet?

"He has visited Colorado unofficially."

Will he be camping anywhere this summer?

"Yes. He'll camp at the University of Wyoming."

Will he be attending one of the Nike Camps?

"He's been invited to the Nike Camp, but with the amount of exposure he's already getting I don't think he's going to attend. He's already getting Division 1 offers based on what he's already accomplished. He's in track right now so coaches can come see him there and see how well he moves around."

"I can tell you that when Coach Malone saw him coming down the hall he said something along the lines of ‘OH MY!' "

What track events does he participate in?

"He's a discus thrower, a shot putter, and a long jumper."

What do you think the major factors in his final decision will be? Will distance be a factor?

"I think a lot of factors will play into his final decisions, and distance will probably be one of them. But, I don't think it's the single mitigating factor."

"I think the #1 criteria will be the education…whether it's going to be the right educational marriage for him. Knowing that there are a lot of Division 1 schools that meet that criteria, he may find a number of schools on his list that meet that requirement."

"I think the next criteria will be how much they want him. I tell my kids that there's no worse existence than being on the back half of a Division 1 roster. If you're on the back half of a Division 1 roster, you feel misplaced on a team that you can't play for. You're trying to do this for and education and you're trying to do it for fun. So if necessary, go to a Division II school where you'll play some. I really emphasize with my kids that they choose a school that really wants them and knows that they're going to play at. A place where the coach isn't sitting there hedging saying ‘well, we aren't sure on you…we don't know if you'll make it.' That's not a good situation. I want them to go to a place that really wants them."

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