Keenan has ties to Michigan (Part One)

In part One of a two part interview, Texas lineman Trey Keenan talks about his family connections to the State of Michigan, his own personal connection with the Wolverines football program, and more.

Historically the Michigan Wolverines football program has had some success recruiting the State of Texas. Will Brady Hoke's staff again be a presence in the Longhorn state? One Dallas-suburb prospect the Wolverines are building a relationship with is Argyle High School Offensive lineman Trey Keenan.

"I've had contact through a few phone calls with Coach Funk and through Facebook," the talented youngster told GoBlueWolverine. "The coaches write letters as well. We've had pretty good contact for the past three months since they offered."

The Wolverine staff is doing its job in recruiting the 6'6, 275 pounder, and the Wolverines also have a few unique connections with Keenan that are working in their favor.

"One of my dad's friends (a Michigan alum) is actually good friends with the strength coach (Aaron Wellman), and he kind of brought me up as a guy who had ties to the school. He contacted me one day on Facebook; I sent him a highlight video and they offered about a week after that."

In addition to the prior relationship with Michigan strength Coach Aaron Wellman, Trey has family living in Detroit-area St. Clair Shores. In fact, Trey's father played college football at Division Two Northwood where he was a four year starter.

"My dad's from Michigan, " he told GBW. "He grew up there and my grandma still lives in St. Clair Shores. I've always kind of had an attachment (to Michigan)."

With football in his blood and viable connections to the State of Michigan, it's safe to assume that Trey will be making a trip to check in on the Wolverines soon.

"I'll be taking a visit, probably right at the beginning of our summer down here. I want to be able to come up there and go through everything before I start really cutting down on my top choices. So we want to get a good view of everything up there."

The Wolverines recently made it down to Texas to see Keenan as well. Stay tuned for Part Two of GoBlueWolverine's exclusive interview with the Texas offensive lineman as he discusses who visited his school, what vibes the Michigan coaches were giving him, and much more.

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