Michigan Offer Gets CB Smith's Attention

Atlanta (GA) St. Pius Catholic standout Geno Smith is one of the top corners in the country and Michigan recent joined the throng of teams in hot pursuit. GoBlueWolverine caught up with Scout.com's #4 corner to get his thoughts on the Maize & Blue, his leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb: So when did you get your Michigan offer?

Geno Smith: "They offered maybe three weeks ago. I'm not sure when but it was a couple of weeks ago."

Sam Webb: Was it out of the blue or had they been recruiting you hard for a while?

Geno Smith: "I have been in contact with Coach Singletary and we had been talking for a good couple of weeks before they did it; so it wasn't out of the blue."

Sam Webb: Before Michigan started showing interested in you, did you have any interest in the Wolverines or is your interest now just based on them showing you some love now?

Geno Smith: "Now they that are showing some love I have interest now. I have good interest in them. I definitely want to get up there and look at the campus and see what they have to offer before I make any decision about them."

Sam Webb: So tell me a little bit about your game?

Geno Smith: "I'm a taller corner. I'm six foot. I am lean, have long arms. That's one of my best skills is covering, but I do like to come up and make the tackle."

Sam Webb: If we were to say Geno Smith needs to improve on this, what would it be?

Geno Smith: "Probably staying lower in back pedals, getting better at technique, just being a technician."

Sam Webb: How many offers do you have at this point?

Geno Smith: "30."

Sam Webb: Have any of those schools of started to stick out on your list yet?

Geno Smith: "Right now Auburn."

Sam Webb: Is that a school that you grew up liking?

Geno Smith: "I grew up liking to watch Georgia."

Sam Webb: What is Georgia saying to you right now?

Geno Smith: "They just said they are going to recruit me relentlessly and they won't give up to the end."

Sam Webb: What has Auburn sticking out for you right now?

Geno Smith: "Just the comfort level when I'm down there with the coaches and the players. It kinds of feels like a second home."

Sam Webb: Talk to me about your process a little bit. It sounds like you have been on a few visits. Are you going to spend some time taking more visits or do you think you are getting close to making a decision?

Geno Smith: "No I am not close to making a decision, because I plan on making my decision after my senior year, after taking my officials."

Sam Webb: You are going to take your officials obviously in the fall, might you make any unofficial visits this summer?

Geno Smith: "Yeah definitely going to take some unofficial this summer."

Sam Webb: With 30 schools, what is the weeding out process going to be like? How are you going to figure out which schools you going to visit and which schools you going to take a pass on, how are you going to figure all that out?

Geno Smith: "Just schools once they offer, kept staying in contact and just trying to talk to me. Most schools just offer you sometimes, they really don't make an effort to talk to you any more. They kind of weed themselves out. Those schools that have kept in contact, I definitely want to try and visit them."

Sam Webb: As far as distance from home, a lot of southern schools on your offer list, is that going to be a factor for you when all is said and done for you?

Geno Smith: "Distance won't play a factor because I am looking at the brighter picture and I want to go to the best school that has the best opportunity for me."

Sam Webb: You are a southern guy, so I know you guys don't get much snow down there. What about the weather, is that going to be a factor?

Geno Smith: "No. This year we missed a whole week of school."

Sam Webb: An entire week, huh? A whole seven days? (laughter). Was it just due to cold, or was it snow?

Geno Smith: "(Laughter) It was snow."

Sam Webb: Okay, so weather won't be a factor. Tell me the factors that you will consider.

Geno Smith: "The main factor is where I'm most comfortable and that's the main part because I just want to go somewhere that I feel comfortable and that I want to go to school, not just football, but the campus, the student-athlete, just where I fit in."

Sam Webb: Who are the people in your circle that you're going to rely on to help you make this decision?

Geno Smith: "My mom and grandmother."

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