6-3, 250 pound TB talks about U-M Offer

2013 DE/RB (yes, DE/RB) Wyatt Shallman from Detroit Catholic Central visited Michigan Monday, and spoke to GBW's Sam Webb on his way home.

Sam Webb: I see you got offered (Monday). Are you still on campus?

Wyatt Shallman: "Yeah. We're actually in Ann Arbor driving home from being at the stadium and stuff and meeting all the coaches."

Sam Webb: So did the offer come as a surprise or did you know that it was coming?

Wyatt Shallman: "It was kind of a surprise, I was 50/50. I went in with the mindset that I wasn't going to get the offer but it happened and I couldn't be happier right now."

Sam Webb: I know through watching some of your video that you could play a number of different positions. What position did you Michigan offer you for?

Wyatt Shallman: "They're actually recruiting me for tailback. They want me to play like a big running back, not fullback but tailback because of my speed."

Sam Webb: Do you really have a preference for what you play in college?

Wyatt Shallman: "I really don't. I love playing football and I'll play wherever you put me and I'll make plays."

Sam Webb: Pretend for a second you're a scout or you're a coach in the stands and you're watching yourself on the football field, so take you outside of your box a little bit and sort of break down your game and give me a scouting report?

Wyatt Shallman: "I would say he is very fast, upbeat. He plays with his teammates well. It is just a family at Catholic Central. He is very technically sound and he just makes plays. He is always around the ball."

Sam Webb: Is there a player in college or the pros that we might compare you to or that you compare yourself too?

Wyatt Shallman: "I compare myself to Brandon Jacobs at running back, a bigger running back. On defensive my favorite defender ever is Deacon Jones."

Sam Webb: You love the contact I can tell.

Wyatt Shallman: "Yeah I do (laughter)."

Sam Webb: Give me your up-to-date measurables, your height, your weight and your speed.

Wyatt Shallman: "6'3", 250, my shuttle is 4.1. My vertical is a 38.5 and my 40 is a 4.7 flat."

Sam Webb: You sound like a decathlete (laughter). Take me through your season last year. How did it go for you on the football field?

Wyatt Shallman: "Last year was very exciting. I didn't start the first couple of games because I had a couple of seniors in front of me. I worked into the starting lineup about halfway through the season and then I played the rest of the season and it was really exciting to play for Catholic Central."

Sam Webb: How tight are you with Matt Godin?

Wyatt Shallman: "Matt and I are really good friends. We always joke around the hallways, and he is a pretty cool guy."

Sam Webb: Are you guys tight to the point where you guys talk about maybe playing college ball together, but has it never been a topic of discussion?

Wyatt Shallman: "We've never really talked about playing in college together because I haven't gotten an offer yet, so it hasn't been too serious for me. Now that this has happened, I think it could be a reality."

Sam Webb: Do you have any offers other than Michigan?

Wyatt Shallman: "Nope this was my first one."

Sam Webb: What other schools are you hearing from and what other schools would you like to hear from?

Wyatt Shallman: "I've been on visits to Notre Dame. I went and saw their spring game. I've been on visits to Penn State. They've invited me to a couple of games. Toledo, Syracuse and there has been a couple of coaches down the school, Stanford has been talking to me. Oregon was here today. Wisconsin and Michigan State."

Sam Webb: I don't know if you made it to any previous Michigan events like their spring game or anything, but this was your first real interaction with the Michigan coaching staff?

Wyatt Shallman: "Yeah. It actually happened really fast. They weren't talking to me at all and then they showed up, Coach Mattison and Coach Jackson showed up at our school two weeks ago. Then they just invited me out and this the first time I have seen them since."

Sam Webb: So you sat down with them and you get a chance to talk to them at length today; what were your impressions of those guys?

Wyatt Shallman: "I was just bowled over because first of all it is the University of Michigan. It is just one of the best college football teams ever. I'm at a loss for words right now."

Sam Webb: Let us speak in recruiting in general. When you get ready to sit down and make your decision whenever that is, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Wyatt Shallman: "First of all my family, my family and I really have to decide on a college together because this is going to affect them also. Just a place that I will fit in at and basically a big family, because at Catholic Central, we're a family and that's what I want to keep on having throughout my college progression also."

Sam Webb: Did you grow up following any particular school or a fan of any particular school?

Wyatt Shallman: "Not really, but my parents are both crazy Michigan fans. It is like a dream come true for them.

Sam Webb: Have you given any thought to a timeline for how you would like to have this play out given that it is only your junior year?

Wyatt Shallman: "No. Right now I'm just taking it in stride and having fun and enjoying it with my family. Really it is just when me and my family or my family and I really decide what is right for me and what is best for the family also."

Sam Webb: Where does Michigan fit on your list at this early point in your recruitment?

Wyatt Shallman: "I would have to say #1."

Sam Webb: Just give me other schools you would put up there as being under consideration.

Wyatt Shallman: "Florida State, TCU, Auburn and Alabama. Notre Dame also. Michigan State too."

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