Will Gant Follow in Father's Footsteps?

Sylvania (OH) Southview Jr. DB Allen Gant landed his coveted Michigan offer Monday. The son of former Michigan defensive back standout chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his father's reaction to the news, his plans to make it back to Ann Arbor for a visit, his leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  So you finally received that Michigan offer.  Take me through how everything went down.

Allen Gant:  "I was actually working out (Monday) and I got a phone call from Coach Borges and he told me that him, Coach Hoke, the defensive coordinator, and the rest of the staff, my stock was really high for them.  I was a perfect fit for them.  So they offered me a scholarship."

Sam Webb:  I know you can do it on both sides of the ball.  Did they say exactly which position they were recruiting you for or just as an athlete?

Allen Gant:  "I'm being recruited for safety."

Sam Webb:  What was your dad's (former Michigan DB Tony Gant) reaction when you told him the news?

Allen Gant:  "I called my dad and he was real calm, but I know behind the phone he was probably going crazy and jumping up and down, because it was the offer that he wanted me to get.  I know he was happy, as well as my mom."

Sam Webb:  What are your impressions now that you've interacted with the Michigan coaches a bit over the last few months?

Allen Gant:  "I was up in Ann Arbor about a month ago and that is when I met the whole entire staff.  I think with this new staff coming in, I think Michigan is going to be back to where it used to be back in the old days, especially like guys like Coach Hoke from Michigan.  I think it will be a really good time in having him up there."

Sam Webb:  So where does this take you; how many other scholarship offers do you have right now?

Allen Gant:  "I think 11 other scholarships offers, Stanford, Illinois, Ball State, University of Cincinnati, West Virginia, Miami of Ohio, Toledo and Bowling Green."

Sam Webb:  I know from talking to you for over a year now that you've always been real high on Ohio State too.  What are they saying to you about a potential scholarship offer?

Allen Gant:  "The last time I went up to Columbus was maybe a month ago for spring practice.  Dick Tressel came to town a couple of weeks ago to watch my track meet.  Not a lot has really been said in regards to scholarship offers.  We are just waiting to see what happens."

Sam Webb:  You said you have been running track.  What do your track times look like this season?

Allen Gant:  "I'm running the 4x100 and our 4x100 team is mid 43s that's pretty decent."

Sam Webb:  Do you know what your best split is this season?

Allen Gant:  "My best split is a 10.8."

Sam Webb:  What is next for you?  You said you were up at Michigan a month ago.  Do you have any plans on making it back up soon or are you going to be taking any other visits?

Allen Gant:  "Yeah.  I plan on going to Michigan within the next couple of weeks and then once school gets out. I plan on taking other visits to different colleges to see what is out there."

Sam Webb:  What does your timeline look like?  Are you going to try to get this done before your senior season?  When do you think this will happen?

Allen Gant:  "I will get this done before my senior season."

Sam Webb:  You planning on taking a lot of visits then?  What does the top of your list look like?   Do you have a favorite or anything like that?

Allen Gant:  "I really do not have a favorite.  As of right now, I'm just trying to make sure and see what best fits me and where I know I will be happy at."

Sam Webb:  Are you paying attention to this recruiting class that Michigan is putting together so far?

Allen Gant:  "Actually, I have seen and I have heard.  There is a lot of good guys coming in.  I just got a Facebook message from this tackle, Matt Godin or something like that?

Sam Webb:  Yeah, from Detroit Catholic Central.

Allen Gant:  "I think it is a really good class."

Sam Webb:  Do you know any of the Ohio guys, Kaleb Ringer, Caleb Stacey or A.J. Williams, Pharaoh Brown?

Allen Gant:  "I know of them, but I do not know them personally."

Sam Webb:  Do you know Chris Wormley at all?

Allen Gant:  "Yeah, me and Chris are real close."

Sam Webb:  I know he was looking at Michigan and Ohio State.  Have you guys ever talked about trying to go to the same school?

Allen Gant:  "Not really.  I actually talked to him last week at one of my track meets.  We've kind of hinted at it a little bit, but we'll just see what happens."

Sam Webb:  You've been to a lot of places and you've talked to a lot of coaches, when you get ready to sit down and make that choice; how are you going to distinguish between these schools? What is going to determine which one is the best place for you?

Allen Gant:  "Like I've said earlier, the college that I feel will best make me happy.  That's number one.  Number two, I'm trying to come to a college where I know I can make some kind of impact within my first couple of years, just like I did in high school.  I'm looking for kind of the same thing when I go to college."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a specific date when you going to make it back up to Michigan?

Allen Gant:  "No I'm not sure.  I know the staff right now is going around the U.S. recruiting.  I will talk to my dad and see when we will go back up there."

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