Morgan Closing in on Announcement

We catch up with Brooklyn (NY) Erasmus Hall head coach Dan Landberg to get the latest on his star pupil, Wayne Morgan. He chatted with GoBlueWolverine about Morgan's announcement details, the youngster's skill set, his view of Michigan, the factors in his choice, and more.

Wayne Morgan Profile

Sam Webb:  A story came out saying that Wayne will have a press conference next week.  Is that true?

Dan Landberg:  "I wouldn't really call it a press conference, but we will announce next week where he is going.  The cat will be let that out of the bag on June 1st."

Sam Webb:  Give me a little coach's perspective really quick.  Talk to me about what Wayne brings to the table as a player.

Dan Landberg:  "Speed, more speed, power, and versatility. I will tell you this, and I'm not saying this because I'm his coach…  A Miami scout two years ago told me that his sophomore year film was the best film they saw in New York City in 20 years.  So watch his offensive film and you're welcome to call me back (laughter).  I just think that he is that good.  Mentally that is going to be the question.  He has got to show that he can learn and is able to handle college coverages.  Ability wise, you are talking about a possible first round draft pick one day."

Sam Webb:  Does he have any desire to play both ways?

Dan Landberg:  "Schools have come to us about that, but he loves defense."

Sam Webb:  Look ahead for me.  Some schools say he is a safety… some say he is a corner.  Which position do you think he projects best at?

Dan Landberg:  "It is tough.  His idol was Sean Taylor and I would say after that, I wouldn't call him Charles Woodson, but he likes Charles Woodson.  I would say he mimics more of a Sean Taylor.  He loves a kill shot.  He loves to chase down the ball.  In high school, if I had to and I had no choice and it wasn't about him going to college, he would be an amazing middle linebacker.  At the same time, he is also fast and so versatile that he is going to be a corner that some schools might like.  Michigan (for instance) likes at him at short side corner."

Sam Webb:  At what point did you know he was going to be special?

Dan Landberg:  "I've known him since he was 11.  I would say when he turned 13 and he had a growth spurt that was unexpected.  It was like bam, wow.  It just changed."

Sam Webb:  Lets talk about Michigan for a moment.  When you guys went on the visit what were your impressions?   What did you think when you were on campus?

Dan Landberg:  "The players seemed to be a little bit more mature than at some of the other schools that I had been to.  I felt like there was a little more safe.  You'll be in good hands with some of the guys there because they won't have bad influences on you like somewhere else would.  That was one thing.  The other impression for me is the history, nostalgia.  I'm a college football fan.  I was at Maryland, but my favorite program growing up was always Michigan and I liked Colorado back in the early ‘90s.  For me it was this is the Big House, the winged helmet…  Wayne understood that.  A lot of kids today don't understand history.  Wayne understands the history of football and national treasure.  I think we agreed that that is national treasure… one of those places."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home? How big of a factor is that for Wayne?

Dan Landberg:  "Here is the good thing about that.  When we took the flight home, it was 62 minutes.  That's fast.  I've been on shuttles to Boston where I didn't get off the plane in the same time.  I think for Wayne distance could be an issue.  I think we've been really close to a lot of these Big East schools.  They've been really good to us as far as the amount of attention he has been getting since his freshman year.  Wayne feels that he could go and make a name for himself.  That's been some of our concern here… is his name going to be as big there as it would be here?"

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