U-M Interested in San Antone Corner

The Wolverines have been upping their interest in 6-3 San Antonio Brandeis DB Colin Blake. GBW's Sam Webb caught up to him for the latest.

Sam Webb: Word on that you've been hearing more from Wolverines lately?

Colin Blake: "Yes I am."

Sam Webb: When is the last time you heard from them?

Colin Blake: "Actually coach sent me a message on Facebook (last Tuesday), Coach Darrell Funk did. I'm not sure if I am remembering it correctly, but I'm sure it was him."

Sam Webb: What are they saying to you right now? Are they talking scholarship offer yet?

Colin Blake: "Right now, they are asking around and doing stuff and seeing if I am going to come down there and what not, but I think they are interested. I haven't heard anything about scholarship or anything yet though."

Sam Webb: Are you just now becoming interested in them because they are now showing interest in you?

Colin Blake: "I got interested in them when they started showing interest in me. I don't really know much about Michigan but it is definitely a school I'll look in to."

Sam Webb: Tell me a little bit about your season, how did it go for you on the football field last year?

Colin Blake: "It went good. It was my first year back in football. It went good for my first year. I think I did good from all of the stuff that is happening right now. I liked it."

Sam Webb: You said your first year back in football. Why were you out of football?

Colin Blake: "I played varsity basketball freshman and sophomore year."

Sam Webb: As you look ahead is it definitely going to be football for you in college or might you do the basketball thing?

Colin Blake: "It is definitely going to be football."

Sam Webb: Tell me a little bit about your game on the gridiron.

Colin Blake: "I'm a physical corner. I can run with the guy. I'm just real physical. Right now, I think my weakest thing is my press. I'm working on that trying to get better. I have good feet and I got good speed."

Sam Webb: Is there a player in the college or the pros that we could compare you to or maybe that you emulate?

Colin Blake: "I would say Patrick Peterson."

Sam Webb: How many scholarship offers do you have on the table so far?

Colin Blake: "Right now I have eight. Off the top of my head I have TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, OU and Cal."

Sam Webb: Mostly southern schools down in Big 12 country and then Obviously you mentioned Cal out. Is distance from home going to be a factor for you when you get ready to start sorting through your schools?

Colin Blake: "I don't think it is a major factor, but it is a factor. It is wherever I feel like it is just right for me."

Sam Webb: Have you visited any other schools on your list before?

Colin Blake: "Yes sir I've visited A&M twice and Texas Tech once, TCU."

Sam Webb: Are you going to wait until the fall to take more visits or are you going to get out to some places over the summer?

Colin Blake: "I'm going to try and get to some places over the summer, but I might wait until I get those official visits."

Sam Webb: Have you given any thought to a timeline for when you want to make a decision?

Colin Blake: "I want it to decide in the summer, but with the way it has picked up, I have no clue. I might just wait until the end of the season or before the season, but I would like to have it over with it before the season starts."

Sam Webb: Let us say Michigan were to offer you a scholarship, how much of a likelihood would it be that you visit? Would it still be up in the air or would you definitely visit if they offered you?

Colin Blake: "I would definitely visit if they offered me, probably an official."

Sam Webb: You said you know very little about Michigan, what do you know about Michigan at this point with a new coaching staff?

Colin Blake: "I know they are a good football school. They're a real good football school and I watched a few of their games this past year, but other than that, I think they have a good football team and it would be a good place to play football."

Sam Webb: Do you have a favorite or a top group of schools right now?

Colin Blake: "Right now, I don't have a favorite. My favorites were TCU and A&M, but right now I'm just keeping my options and just gather as much information as I can."

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