Michigan Turning up Heat on 2013 RB

Joliet (IL) RB Ty Isaac shared carries with two other Big Ten backs last year, but that didn't stop him from commanding a great deal of attention from college coaches. Many of them have made it by his school in recent weeks, including Michigan.

Sam Webb:  Tell me how your sophomore season went?

Ty Isaac:  "It was good.  I had stared on the varsity level.  I played defense.  I played most of the season with a partially torn PCL.  Obviously, I did not have as much production as I would have liked to, but I think I did fairly well.  After the season, I did a few workouts.  Not for any specific schools, but I went to a few camps and after the season and after doing good in the camps, I started getting a lot of recognition from schools around the Big Ten, especially Michigan."

Sam Webb:  You said especially Michigan.  Tell me what they are saying to you right now and also what other schools you're hearing from right now.

Ty Isaac:  "Obviously from Illinois.  I've got an offer from them and Arizona.  Just a lot of schools around the Big Ten… Michigan, Penn State, Purdue, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, a couple of teams like Florida State has sent me stuff.  I can't come off of it from the top of my head, but for the most part a lot of Big Ten schools and Notre Dame are showing a lot of interest.  For Michigan, Jeff Hecklinski came into the school about few weeks ago, but obviously he was not able to talk to me."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you are going to make it to Michigan's camp?

Ty Isaac:  "I've talked to my head coach and he told me that he can schedule things around me getting to camps because he knows it is going to be important this year.  Right now I'm not sure of what I can get to but definitely if I can get to Michigan then that is definitely one I will definitely hit."

Sam Webb:  Were you a fan of a particular school or a particular program growing up?

Ty Isaac:  "No not particularly.  I like a player.  I like the way somebody does something, but I do not like a school necessary.  I didn't have a favorite school growing up."

Sam Webb:  Just give me your early impressions and early thoughts on Michigan?

Ty Isaac:  "Obviously, Michigan and the Big House is one of the most highly publicized (stadiums) out there.  There is a lot to love about a school like that.  What you see is what you get.  They play tough football.  They run the ball a lot, which is obviously something that I want to do and Coach Hecklinski has been pretty straight up with me.  I know all recruiters are supposed to be this way, but something that I like to hear is that they are recruiting me as a running back, which people think because of my size, I should be moved, but I just like the thought that he is going to give me a shot.  Just an opportunity to be in a program like that would be great for anyone obviously."

Sam Webb:  What is your height, weight, and 40 time?

Ty Isaac:  "Right now I am 6'2", 215, and I run a 4.5."

Sam Webb:  So give me a quick scouting report on Ty Isaac.  Break down your game for me.

Ty Isaac:  "Obviously being as big as I am…and this is me being a little biased, but I think at my size it kind of surprises people on how quick I can do things.  Most people wouldn't be expecting me to be able to make the moves I've made.  I can be whatever type of runner you need me to be.  Whatever it takes to get another yard, a first down, a touchdown, you're obviously going to see that.  I know that I can block, I can catch passes…  I can do whatever you need me to do."

Sam Webb:  Is there a player in the college or the plays that we can compare you to or that you try to emulate?

Ty Isaac:  "If I watched college and pros, I might be able to tell you, but to be honest, I don't watch too much."

Sam Webb:  Let talk recruiting in general.  What are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Ty Isaac:  "Obviously, how they are going to play me, what they see me playing as.  Obviously first choice, I want to play running back.  It would depend on a timeframe on when they see me playing in their system and how they would want to see me in their system and just the people.  Above all, that is what is really going to sell the school; it could have everything but if it does not have the people and atmosphere, not a lot of people are going to want to be there.  Obviously, my family and what we decide is all best for me."

Sam Webb:  You say family… do you think distance from home is going to be a factor for you?

Ty Isaac:  "No not at all."

Sam Webb:  Have you given any thought to a timeline for how you would like to have this play out?

Ty Isaac:  "That is something that me and my dad talked about because he played in college.  We have had this discussion where I would like to not necessary because I like the attention or anything like that, because if it was up to me I would just play football and when the time comes then we would work on it.  I would like to wait until I'm a senior and obviously I know that can't work because when offers are coming out, schools are making moves based on who is committing. I know most schools want a commit by junior year because that is when they are really wrapping things up for my class.  If I had the opportunity to wait that's what I want to do because at this point I'm really still undecided and I don't know how much I could be effected in the next year or two.  If it was up to me, I would wait, but if I do find a fit for me and things just happen to fall the right way, I could commit earlier than that whether it be during the season junior year, after the season , or whenever."

Sam Webb:  Where did your dad play his college ball?

Ty Isaac:  "He played at Northern Illinois.  They had a good season when he was there.  I can't think of his name, Stacey (Robinson) something was the quarterback, I know he had a bunch of yards out of the wishbone that year."

Sam Webb:  You said earlier you were going to look at how a program is going to use you.  Do you prefer a particular style of offense? 

Ty Isaac:  "I would like to play in a pro-style offense because hopefully if things all fall the right way with me and if I'm good enough and lucky enough to have a shot to even play at the next level, I feel like coming from the pro style I would have a better opportunity.  Coaches would be able to see me block, get out and catch passes and run down hill.  If it was up to me I would really like to play in a pro-style offense, but wherever that fit is for me, no matter what offense it is, that is the fit that I'm going to go with.  Offense, I do not think that it would be a factor, but if it was up to me I would like to be in some type of I or pro style."

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