Vernon Gholston Update and Interview

The surprise player of the Michigan Nike Camp gave us the first update on where his recruitment stands.

Prior to the camp both Jim S. and another contact that I hold in high esteem mentioned Vernon Gholston as a potential blue chip player this year. With that in mind, Vernon was one of the kids I kept an eye out for as I snapped the official profile photos for the camp. Once I spotted this kid I knew instantly that he was going to put up big numbers. After I was done snapping the 300+ profile shots, I made my way over to Greg Biggins to tell him to be on the lookout for Vernon when he got to the 40-yard dash testing station. When I came back around after Vernon finished his run, Greg said, "Sam, your boy lit it up!" (For those that missed my earlier comments on Vernon's performance, click here.)

I took the opportunity to speak a few times with Vernon and one of the Cass Tech assistants (Coach Wilcher was not there). Below are the pertinent comments from my conversations with both. First are the comments for he coach, and then from Vernon. We'll have much more on Mr Gholston in the coming weeks.

Tell me about Vernon as a football player.

He played defensive end and offensive line. I don't have the stats memorized, but I know that he was dominant at defensive end. In my opinion he's an All American talent.

Does he have any scholarship offers on the table yet?

Not just yet. He's still trying to figure out which part of the country he wants to play in.

What schools have you been hearing from?

I've been hearing mostly from Western Michigan, Central Michigan, and Georgia Tech.

Have you heard from Michigan yet?

They've sent me a couple of things about coming to camp.

Do you know where you will you be camping this summer?

I will be camping at Miami and Michigan.

What position do you want to play in college?

I want to play defensive end or linebacker. Where ever I can help the team.

Do you have a favorite?

Yes. Miami is my favorite. I like their style of play.

Who is number 2?

That would be Michigan.

Will you be making an early decision or will you be taking all 5 visits?

I will most likely be waiting and taking all five visits.

We snapped some great photos of this kid. Look for them to appear in photo features put up by Matt or myself throughout the week.

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