Hawkins Still on Michigan's Radar

Flint Powers' rising senior SG Javontae Hawkins has worked hard over the past year to refine his game, and his improvement on the floor has been evident the spring. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him recently to discuss his expanded skills set, his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, and more.

Andre Barthwell: Lets talk about your game for a moment. What do you think your improvements are from last year high school to right now?

Javontae Hawkins: "Playing defense, better off the ball defense, on the ball defense, rebounding and just shooting off the dribble."

Andre Barthwell: It seems like you're more aggressive to the basket—it is also becoming more and more apparent. And your outside show is working for you as well.

Javontae Hawkins: "I practice that daily, my ball handling and attacking the basket with contact. Playing with older people just make sme better."

Andre Barthwell: What are your coaches saying they expect from you out on the floor?

Javontae Hawkins: "He just basically said, don't worry about your shots because we're going to get our shots. Just (worry about) playing defense and rebounding."

Andre Barthwell: What are some of the things that you need to work on to become a more well rounded player?

Javontae Hawkins: "More ball handling. Do it to perfection. Then, just shooting off the dribble more. And just being a leader."

Andre Barthwell: I hear that Michigan is still interested in you. How is the recruiting part of the game going for you?

Javontae Hawkins: "It is going good. I talk to Coach Beilein and Coach Alexander quite often. It is going great. They are nice people."

Andre Barthwell: What are some of the things that Coach Beilein talks to you in particular right now?

Javontae Hawkins: "He is talking about being a leader on and off the court. At Michigan, that is what he teaches—being a leader on and off the court, and helping others make it to the next level, and get a degree."

Andre Barthwell: Let us talk about Coach Bacari Alexander. I know you guys have a pretty close relationship. What are some of the things that he is talking about with you in terms of your overall game and recruiting?

Javontae Hawkins: "He basically says that same. He just tells me to keep working hard and just keep shooting the ball, and attack the basket with aggressiveness."

Andre Barthwell: Will you be up at Michigan's elite camp (June 11th)?

Javontae Hawkins: "Yeah I'll be attending that."

Andre Barthwell: Tell me some of the other schools that are kind of coming your way?

Javontae Hawkins: "West Virginia, University of Cincinnati, DePaul, Xavier, South Florida, USC, Arizona State, Miami, Florida, Missouri, Ohio State."

Andre Barthwell: Decision wise how do you think that is going to go? Before your high school season or after your high school season?

Javontae Hawkins: "I really don't know. It is 50/50 right now either before or after. I don't know yet. I'm just seeing what is best for me."

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