Justice Hayes can't wait to get to Michigan

Michigan's incoming freshman running back Justice Hayes has had a busy spring on the track. Recently finishing his track career at the state meet, Hayes is focused on the task at hand and ready to get to Ann Arbor in just a few weeks.

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What have you been up to since signing day?

Since signing day I'd been pretty much in track. I wasn't able to finish my football season this year so I just needed to do something competitive until I got to Michigan. I've just been running track and last Saturday was states, so today is actually my first day I got to focus on football. I got the chance to really lift hard today, and after that I ran hills and did condition drills. So it was a fun, exciting day to me.

Where did you finish at the state meet?

Going into states I had the 7th or 8th best time (100m dash) with a 10.8. Unfortunately at states I didn't get a chance to make it to the finals because I slipped out of the box in the prelims, and it was very hard for me because I knew I could compete with everybody else running. Actually what really made me mad was that three of the guys that made it to the finals I had beaten already, that just took a toll on my heart, it was devastating. But I had fun running track and got faster—that's all that matters to me is getting ready for football and getting faster.

Have you been doing Michigan's workout program?

Running track my coach didn't really want me doing that. I talked to Coach Jackson and he said it's fine as long as I'm doing something active, but when the time comes he wanted me to jump right into the book. Actually before track I was in the book a little bit already.

Have you been able to talk with the coaches a lot this spring?

Honestly very little. They've been busy trying to get together a nice class for 2012 and they've been doing that. The guy I've been talking to the most is Bob Lopez who's in charge of getting freshmen and preparing them for college, making sure we have everything in and thing's of that nature. I'm just excited I can't wait to get on campus.

When will you be making the move to Ann Arbor?

Move in day is June 25th, but I might come down early. I don't know yet, it depends, I wouldn't know where to stay because we don't move in until the 25th (laughter).

Do you know whom you'll be rooming with?

Blake Countess.

Do you know what number you'll be?

I was told I will have number 5, but I don't know yet. I guess they'll tell us when we get there officially.

What have the coaches said about coming in this summer and potentially getting some playing time in the fall?

They said it's very possible, I just have to come in and be willing to work hard and set everything aside in terms of stuff that I don't need to be focusing on. If I'm 100% focused on what I want to do then there will definitely be a spot for me. Like I said, I was really excited because today was my first day catching balls since my injury, and there's still a few things I need to work on. Hopefully when I get down there I can get with the training staff and they can get me to 100%. I'm able to do everything pretty much that I need to, just sore a little bit.

Have you talked to any of the current team members or guys coming in with you, what is the vibe going into the season? It seems like everyone's focused on winning the Big Ten this year?

Oh yeah. I've talked to numerous guys, I've talked to Devin, Roy, Denard. Not only on the offensive side of the ball but on the defensive side as well. I know a couple of the guys already—and like you said they're very excited, we're ready to get things rolling and get Michigan back to where it needs to be. We still believe Michigan is one of the best colleges in the nation and we're going to prove that this fall.

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