Michigan Holds lead for 2013 Runningback

The State of Ohio's top running back is thinking Blue-ish at the moment – and he's looking to visit with his 2012 cousin …

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Sam Webb: Let us start back off first going back to your high school season last year, how did it go for you?

Dymonte Thomas: "Last year on the football field it went pretty well. We lost to Akron Buchtel in the finals, but we can overcome that. Last year was the first for everything… winning the NBC (Northern Buckeye Conference) and going to regional finals. We conquered a lot of goals last year. I did pretty good on both sides of the ball and helping my team win games, and last year was pretty good for us."

Sam Webb: Can you remember what your stats were on both sides of the ball?

Dymonte Thomas: "Last year I had like 120-something tackles, six sacks, three interceptions and one went back to the house. On offense, I ran for like 1500-something yards. That's all I can remember."

Sam Webb: So tell me about your game. Give me a scouting report?

Dymonte Thomas: "Fast, physical, go out and make plays, have fun. When the team needs me the most you can give me the ball."

Sam Webb: What is your current height, weight and 40 time?

Dymonte Thomas: "Right now I'm sitting at about six foot, 180 pounds; and my last 40 I ran was at the National Underclassman Combine, I ran a 4.51."

Sam Webb: What schools have offered you scholarships so far?

Dymonte Thomas: "Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, UCLA, Illinois, Pitt and there is one more, but I can't remember the last one."

Sam Webb: Which of those schools have you been to already?

Dymonte Thomas: "The last school was Tennessee. I've visited Michigan, Michigan State and Louisville."

Sam Webb: What are some schools that you might be interested in that have not offered you a scholarship yet?

Dymonte Thomas: "I would really like to see what Oregon is all about. They are a pretty nice school. Another school is probably Alabama. They send me letters and stuff. They really haven't said anything to me yet because they are not allowed. I'm kind of waiting on them and see what they do."

Sam Webb: Take me through that Michigan spring experience you saw.

Dymonte Thomas: "Michigan was lovely. The stadium was really big and their whole locker room area was nice, and education-wise it is pretty well—I like that too. Michigan seemed like a really nice fit for me. I got along with the coaches and some of the players, and everything seemed right. Before I decide to go anywhere, I want to talk to some of the players and see how they like the coaches and everything. See how coaches are behind doors."

Sam Webb: What coaches did you sort of connect with or vibe with the most while you were up there?

Dymonte Thomas: "Michigan—it was Coach Mattison."

Sam Webb: You said at that time that you came away with Michigan being your #1 school. My first question is, is that still the case? If so, what was it that put them on that pedestal?

Dymonte Thomas: "Yes they are still my #1, and it's their education and their stadium."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to sit down and make your decision, whenever that is, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Dymonte Thomas: "I have to make sure that I get along with the kids. Coaching wise, I have to make sure they don't play favorites. If a kid is better than somebody they put them up, they don't discriminate based on (seniority). I want to see how the team is looking for the next year and make sure that they are not getting in any trouble or anything, and make sure the team is looking pretty good. I want to make sure that they have kids that I'm comfortable being around when I go there."

Sam Webb: You mentioned earlier that you were really impressed by the academics at Michigan. Do you know what you want to major in?

Dymonte Thomas: "Business."

Sam Webb: Did you get a chance to take a look at the business school while you were up this way?

Dymonte Thomas: "No I haven't had a chance."

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate making it back up to Michigan or anywhere else over the summer as far as visits are concerned?

Dymonte Thomas: "I don't know. I think I am just going to a couple of games for Michigan. I would much rather do that than more visiting."

Sam Webb: I know you've still got a couple of years left in high school, but have you, your dad or the people in your circle sat down and thought about a timeline for the recruiting process?

Dymonte Thomas: "No my dad just said everything is on me. So everything has just been on me and we haven't talked about it or anything."

Sam Webb: So are you one of those kids that wants to wait until your senior year to make a decision, or might you get it done before that?

Dymonte Thomas: "I'm thinking about getting it done right after my last game of my junior year."

Sam Webb: It is common knowledge that Brionte Dunn is your cousin. Do you guys often talke about going to the same school?

Dymonte Thomas: "Yeah we talk about it a lot, about going to the same school. We thought it would both be pretty cool to go to the same school and play with each other like we used to when we were young."

Sam Webb: He is committed to Ohio State. What do you think of the Buckeyes?

Dymonte Thomas: "I like them. They're pretty good, but they are about to get into a lot of trouble and I don't want to be involved in any of that."

Sam Webb: What is it like down there for you after everyone heard you say Michigan was your #1 school?

Dymonte Thomas: "People are getting on me about it, but they said if you like the college you just go there."

Sam Webb: When you come to some of those Michigan games, do you plan on making it up with Brionte or are you guys going to visit separately?

Dymonte Thomas: "We'll probably go together. We'll probably go to the Michigan-Notre Dame game together."

Sam Webb: Give me your opinion. I am not asking you to say what he told you, but do you think at the end of the day that he is going to be a Buckeye?

Dymonte Thomas: "I don't know. We just talked about it this morning and he told me not to say anything about it."

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