PA OL Bisnowaty reviews his Michigan visit

Pittsburgh offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty visited both Michigan and MSU yesterday (Wednesday) -- he makes his comparisons to GBW, says what's next, and goes over his timeline.

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Just for the record - did you commit?

"No, I didn't ... I did get to see most everything though."

Run us through how the day went.

"We started our time there by talking with Coach Mallory, and we ended with Coach Hoke ... we talked to the offensive line coach, Coach Funk ... we spoke to everyone really ... we got to see the stadium, and we got to see the academics ... it was a good visit."

"We didn't quite didn't see the whole campus - but we got most of it - we got the gist of it."

You'd visited Pitt and PSU, how would you compare Michigan?

"I've also been to West Virginia, and to Virginia ... and when we left Michigan today we also went over and visited Michigan State.

"Michigan has the academics. And it's a great campus. However, the main thing for me was meeting the coaches, and meeting the players."

What players did you meet?

"For one thing, we met the quarterback, Denard Robinson. We met some others too -- boy, my mind is kind've exhausted right now, it's been a long day ...

"And tomorrow (Thursday) we go to Notre Dame and Purdue."

Do you have a decision timeline?

"Maybe the first week of September I'll decide, but I might want to take an official visit or or two."

You think you might head back to Ann Arbo for one of those officials?

"Michgan may well may be one of them -- they have that first night game ever, versus Notre Dame ..."


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