Bellomy excited to play QB at Michigan

One of the last additions to the 2011 Michigan Football recruiting class and the only quarterback taken, Russell Bellomy, updates GBW on his spring, how he feels about his decision now and what he hopes to do this fall for the Wolverines.

Most Michigan fans remember signing day 2008 as a very positive day for the Wolverines on the recruiting front. The coaching staff was able to secure last minute commitments from some top talent across the country. One of those prospects who made the switch, Roy Roundtree, ended up making bigger headlines than intended. Roundtree, a long time Purdue commit, sent the Wolverines his letter of intent, much to the dismay of Purdue Head Coach Danny Hope. Someone who can relate to a difficult decision such as that is incoming Michigan freshman quarterback, Russell Bellomy, who did the same thing this Signing Day.

"I have no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision (in decommitting to Michigan), Bellomy told GoBlueWolverine. "It's always hard doing that to people you've been committed to for almost half a year; but it's a business and I have no regrets now. I'll shake their hand on the field and hopefully they'll shake mine back. I just feel 100% sure that I made the right decision and I cannot wait to take advantage of it. It seems to be working out pretty good for him Roundtree (laughing)."

Russell has spent the time since his signing improving himself as a quarterback on and off the field, including the digestion of a brand new language.

"I've been lifting weights and training and throwing the ball around with my quarterback instructor. I've been studying my playbook and stuff as well. It's always tough learning a whole different offense, I've run pretty much the same offense since the seventh grade. It's really cool though, you have to have an open mind about everything. Sometimes something you learn is the complete opposite of something you had learned before. But it's going well, I have an understanding of it. I hope to learn it more when I get up there and also more from Denard and Devin."

With just two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster ahead of Russell the coaches have told him to come in this summer, work hard and anything can happen.

"They told me I'm looking at competing for third string, and that might be a traveling redshirt job, and that it may turn into a regular third string job maybe get some playing time. I'm up for anything, nothing's promised and I love to compete. If I get some playing time I'll make the most of it, and if I don't I'll make the most of it when I do get some playing time."

Russell will be heading up to Ann Arbor in just over two weeks and rooming with incoming freshman Desmond Morgan. A common theme with the 2011 class as well as the current players is that it's time to win for Michigan now, as in this fall.

"We definitely don't want to wait. Especially with these new coaches we have, it's going to be a quick turnaround. I'm excited to be a part of it. I think we have the guys to do it, and the will power."

"If we put our minds to it and work our butts off, good things will happen."

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