Agholor Prepares to Trim List

Everyone that watches Florida DB Nelson Agholor on film says he is special. Why is that? GBW spoke to Tampa Berkeley coach Dominick Ciao about his star.

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Sam Webb: Everyone that watches Florida DB Nelson Agholor on film says he is special. Why is that?

Dominick Ciao: "He has just tremendous ball skills and athletic and it is a big play for us. He has just been a big play guy for us, wide out, running back, return game and as a defensive back. He has been a big play guy for us."

Sam Webb: Can you recall that moment when he came to you and you realized you had a special player on your hands?

Dominick Ciao: "He started with us as a ninth grader. So some of his ball skills and some of the things he did on defense and as far as interceptions and catching the football, those things truly stood out even as a ninth grader for us."

Sam Webb: He is receiving interest from schools from all over the country. Has he gotten to the point now where he has started to hone in on the schools that he is really interested in?

Dominick Ciao: "No. We just finished exams. So we are probably going to cut the list short probably this week. After this week, he will have kind of a break on things as far as cutting the list down. He just finished college recruiting and he just finished exams with school. We haven't done that yet."

Sam Webb: So give me an idea on how hard Michigan has been on him and how much interest the Wolverines have been showing in him?

Dominick Ciao: "They have been recruiting him very hard and kind of like everybody else. He is being recruited hard, by the schools that get down here and look at them and recruit them."

Sam Webb: Knowing Nelson as you do, do you think distance is going to make a major role in the schools that make the cut for him?

Dominick Ciao: "No, I think he is right now, he is open to all schools and that is how we did this recruiting in May. We let him enjoy the recruiting and be recruited. He has not made a stipulation on what schools or everything. He has been open to recruiting. It is just how we also has approached it."

Sam Webb: Give me an idea of what he is like as a kid away from the football field.

Dominick Ciao: "He is first class of young man that I have coached. He is humble. This recruiting as far as this early recruiting going into his junior year and handle it with all that class and very humble and that is probably what I am most proud of him about is how he has carried all of this recruiting that goes on. All these early offers and it is easy to be overwhelmed by it and he has really handled it tremendously."

Sam Webb: When he gets ready to narrow it down, what do you think are going to be the most significant factors?

Dominick Ciao: "I think it matter about the coaches and the type of people that he is going to be playing with and being coached. I think all that matters to him in his decision and making a decision for school."

Sam Webb: Is there a particular style of defense he is looking to get in to?

Dominick Ciao: "He can play any position. I think it is more of a school that he fits. There are so many great schools. The traditions are tremendous. If he fits into a program and has a chance to play and could contribute to the program."

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