Magnuson Talks Michigan Commitment

After returning home after a weekend in Michigan, the brand new Wolverine caught up with GoBlueWolverine to discuss his visit, and his Maize and Blue commitment.

Erik Magnuson was a name that had started blazing up recruiting boards across the country, including in recent weeks across message boards with a Maize and Blue theme. After publically naming the Wolverines his top school, Magnuson made an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor and wasted little time in letting Brady Hoke know he had another member in his early, stellar recruiting class.

"I had the idea coming there when I was taking the visit," Magnuson told GoBlueWolverine. "I just met with everyone I could meet with, and I was with Coach Hoke and just told him I was ready to commit. He was obviously really happy. He got up and gave me a hug. I met with all the coaches and told them, but they actually came in because they heard Coach Hoke screaming (laughing). It was really good. I don't know how to explain it, but it was a really cool feeling and something I'll probably never experience again."

Joining the youngster from Encinitas (CA) was one of his parents, who gave full support of the verbal pledge.

"I went with my dad. We had some time alone and I just told him I was ready. He said it was up to me -- I'm the one going to college and if I like it, I should do it. He was just really happy for me."

Magnuson, who had been adamant in several interviews about the desire to leave his home state of California, had never been to the Midwest, let alone Michigan, until the day he made his pledge.

"I didn't know what to expect. Thinking of Michigan being near Detroit, it isn't what you might think it would be in Ann Arbor. I'm really happy I got to see it before committing on the phone or something. I liked it a lot. People care about football there, and even freshman lineman, so it's just a cool feeling."

One trait in recruiting classes, especially prevalent in the 2012 Wolverine class, is a close knit atmosphere, with attempts to recruit other players to attend the same college. Magnuson already fits right into that mold.

"Yeah I've been talking to some of the kids on Facebook and stuff like that and trying to keep in touch with them. I'm also trying to get some more kids to come to Michigan also. There's a couple people, an offensive lineman I'm going to talk to because we still need a few. Basically anyone the coaches tell me they want I'm going to be talking to."

As with any commitment, Magnuson will be returning to Michigan for an official visit. He also may take other visits, but that shouldn't concern the Wolverine nation.

"I'm not sure. I will definitely be going to Michigan for an official visit, and if coach is okay with me taking an official visit to a place where I have friends at, then I might do that, but if not then it's not a big deal to me. I'm going to Michigan. I don't care about any other school."

Finally, a rumor had started hitting the internet that Magnuson may enroll early, but while there was a thought for it, it looks as if Magnuson will wait almost a full year to join the Wolverines.

"I was thinking about it, but I don't really need to. If I had to guess I'll probably red-shirt and I'll be up there for a while by then."

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