U-M Nike: More Interviews With Top Prospects

We were priviledged to be able to do one-on-one interviews during the Nike Camps. We kept things pretty short & to the point -- mainly where U-M stands! Here are my interviews with instaters DE <B>Ronald Talley</B> and LB <B>Roger Allison</B>, and with the dad of Oh. WR <B>Michael Bell</B>.

Detroit Renaissance's OLB/DE Ronald Talley (who looked 6-3 or just a shade under, and about 230 lbs. to me. In the position drills, he was impressively quick, fast, athletic, and flexible).

Who are your favorites, Ronald?

"Here - Michigan, Notre Dame, Minnesota, Northwestern ... in that order."

Are you going to any summer camps?

"Yes. Michigan, Northwestern, and Notre Dame -- one day each."


The father of Shaker Heights Ohio wide receiver Michael Bell (who looked 5-11, 175 lbs. to me. In position drills he was fast and sure-handed).

Does Michael have a favorite?

"Michael wants to go to here, to Michigan. He doesn't really root for Ohio State."


Linebacker/fullback Roger Allison from Lake Orion (who looked 6-1 1/2 to me, and about 215 pounds. He performed very well in position drills).

You did get to Michigan this spring, didn't you Roger?

"Yeah, I got to a Michigan spring practice."

What summer camps are you going to?

"Michigan's, and Notre Dame's."

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