Devin Fuller will Visit Ann Arbor

The New Jersey quarterback/athlete caught up with GoBlueWolverine to discuss a somewhat narrowed list, a potential summer visit, and plans to narrow further after his unofficial visits are taken care of. Read on to see where Michigan stands.

Devin Fuller, a 6'0", 185 pound four star quarterback and athlete, is still recovering from an insane spring period where schools from all over the country wanted to speak with the youngster. Fuller, who holds offers from dozens of top FBS programs, noticed the craziness from the eye of the storm.

"It's been a little crazy," Fuller told GoBlueWolverine. "I've been getting offers still, but it's good and bad at the same time -- because I'm trying to narrow my list down and they're still coming in so it's making it a little harder, so I still have to think about them. The phone calls have stopped now since the May recruiting period ended, but that month was crazy."

Even with an offer list that rivals any prospect's, the narrowing process has started.

"I'm not really saying my list right now, but I have a top 15 -- that I have."

However, when questioned, Fuller immediately admitted the Michigan Wolverines made the first cut to 15 and will be receiving a summer unofficial visit from Fuller within the next month or so.

"Oh yeah, definitely (on Michigan making his first cut). I think sometime in July I'll be out there. I know they've got good academics so that puts them in a good spot. They ran the offense I like to run last year but I know they are heading to more of a pro-style offense -- but they're still using Denard so I'm anxious to see what they do with him. That's a big part of my recruiting right now, is how they use him."

Michigan's primary New Jersey and east coast recruiter, Curt Mallory, is also the point man in Fuller's Maize and Blue recruitment.

"Coach Mallory. They've said they would probably bring me in as an athlete -- and I know they have a (quarterback) commit for the 2013 class already, so we haven't talked about that. But I know I'd be coming in as an athlete."

When Fuller steps in Ann Arbor, most of the questions he will be asking will be internal.

"Specifically it's going to be the campus life when I go out there. My questions will be answered by looking around. And I'm sure my parents will have some questions. But also seeing the players and how they are and learning about the community and the university."

At least one of his parents will be joining him in Ann Arbor.

"Probably my dad will, and he's been on every visit. My mom has been on half of them but my dad will probably be with me."

While Michigan isn't exactly across the nation from The Garden State, it isn't Rutgers-close either. While being close to home will be important to Fuller, it won't be the end-all-be-all.

"I think it will be a little bit, but it doesn't put any one at a disadvantage if they're far away ... but maybe gives a slight advantage to those that are closer if you know what I mean. If I can go home whenever I want if I need help ... I could go to Rutgers and drive home in 30 minutes. If I were to go to Michigan, it'd be difficult -- but I wouldn't have a problem with it because my parents are just one phone call away, so it's just not really a problem."

When these final unofficial and summer visits are finished, Fuller hopes to continue narrowing his list even further.

"I want to get it down to about ten in July, and probably after I make all my visits, around the end of July, I'd like to have it down to ten. Then it will go to five and I'll do my official visits after that."

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