Shaq Wiggins Talks Unexpected Michigan Offer

Today at the annual Sound Mind Sound Body camp held in southeastern Michigan, one prospect caught the eye of everyone in attendance, garnering a heavy load of interest -- and a scholarship offer from the Wolverine's.

Shaquille Wiggins, a 5'10" 160 pound corner from Sandy Creek (GA), may not be a name familiar to recruiting junkies. In most part, it's because he just finished his sophomore year. But that hasn't stopped him from immediately making a name for himself, as the Michigan coaching staff today watched his stellar Sound Mind Sound Body performance and then jumped into the fray with a scholarship offer, joining Ball State, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ohio State and Toledo who have also offered.

"I talked to Coach Pleasant for a while, and he was basically saying he liked my technique and how I did in one on one's, and that they wanted to keep watching me. Now (that the camp is over) I have an offer on the table," Wiggins explained to GoBlueWolverine.

Wiggins, who has earned his offers from sensational camp performances, including his SMSB work today, will be attending Michigan's annual summer camp starting Sunday and looks forward to the experience.

"I want to go down there and do what I did today, and go to work and get a better connection with some of the Michigan coaches ... and go from there."

Michigan wasn't the first and won't be the last heavy hitter that has gotten a jump on Wiggins. Their arch-rival, the Ohio State Buckeyes, were the first major program to offer, followed shortly by the Wolverines.

"I was excited and surprised by the attention they gave me, with me being an upcoming junior. It's not my time yet. But the attention they gave me and them offering back to back, I'm just taking it all in and staying hopeful, and wherever I go, I go."

Wiggins was undoubtedly excited about his Buckeye offer, but felt the same feeling when the Wolverine's joined.

"Yes, it is," Wiggins said of Michigan being an exciting offer. "A lot of great corners came from Michigan and went to the league, for example Charles Woodson. A lot of corners look up to him -- and I'm one of those kids who looks up to Charles Woodson. Michigan is known for great corners and I just want to be a great corner."

The Michigan Heisman winner isn't the only Heisman winner Wiggins is aware of, as he talked to the other living recipient.

"I know about Desmond Howard, the Heisman trophy winner. They've been to a lot of Rose Bowls. I actually talked to Desmond Howard at a USA team tryout. We talked about Michigan and how they play football."

When Wiggins does step foot in Ann Arbor shortly, it will be with an expectation and a hope to connect with every person in Wolverine garb.

"I would say all the coaches, because at a place like Michigan that's a top school, everyone wants to go to Michigan, and not everybody gets that chance to go. With Michigan being the school that it is, I want to get a connection with all the coaches and see how they feel about me and react to me. Hopefully when it's my time to commit, it might be to Michigan."

"If it's a great connection and I feel comfortable around the school environment and things like that, and the way coaches talk to me and how they talk to me, they would be in my top five or top ten or whatever I have -- and I would want to go to a top school," Wiggins finished.

All that is currently known, however, is the Wolverines and Buckeyes made wise decisions with their early pursuit. It's something Wiggins will remember down the line.

"It actually holds a lot of weight, because those are two schools that are hard to pick from. It depends on how coaches are and how they react to me."

What will be the imst important to him is, "Whatever school I feel comfortable at, and could play early at ... and the school environment."

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