Keenan has Michigan on short list

The Lone Star State offensive lineman made the long trek to Ann Arbor to visit some family and also unofficially visit the Michigan Wolverines.  GoBlueWolverine caught up with the road grater to learn about his visit and his feelings on Michigan.

  Trey Keenan, the 6'6" 275 pound Lone Star State lineman, had previously talked about his family connections to the state of Michigan.  Those connections paid dividends for the Maize and Blue as the received a visit from the three star prospect.

"We went on the visit yesterday and we're staying up here at my grandparents, they live in St. Clair Shores, so we're staying up here," Keenan explained to GoBlueWolverine.   "The tour yesterday was great.  We got to meet everyone from the athletic director to the G.A.'s.  It was a great experience there and they definitely have the extra pizzazz and that wow factor. Everyone was so welcoming - that's what you want to see."

And Keenan is not done with Michigan either:

"I'm going to be in Michigan for a couple more days -- Im actually going back over to U-M on Monday to camp for a day. I'm be working out - just the morning session of it."

The youngster wasn't the only one impressed with the presentation the Wolverine's gave, and their appears to be an ace in the hole for the Maize and Blue.

"My dad grew up in Michigan and the way UT is thought of down in Texas is the same way Michigan is thought of up here.  He wouldn't say there was a better school and he would come here in a heart beat."

With the family connections to the Great Lakes State, that helped the Wolverines secure the summer visit.

"That's definitely the reason I came here over all the other out of state schools, that makes it a little more like home situation.  It's far away, but not too far away. We still get up to Michigan to visit here about twice a year -- usually once in the summer and then again in the winter. So I'm pretty familiar with the State of Michigan."

The Wolverine's aren't the only suitors on Keenan's list, but they seemingly stack up favorably against the closer to home schools Keenan has visited.

"We've been to Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas and Kansas State.  They all have the nice indoors and the nice stuff, but when you're able to write up on your wall that you have 11 national championships, that's something no one else can say.  All the All-Americans, 39 first team offensive line All-Americans, things like that.  Those are statistics no one else has.  They kept talking about how history repeats itself and they're heading back to the same point."

Those statistics and the history were appealing to Keenan.

"I can easily see myself fitting in there and they have a strong need for offensive lineman here now, so the need here is no greater than now.  It's great to feel wanted and not just an extra body."

The visit did nothing but bolster the Wolverines chances in the recruitment of Keenan.

"Yeah, it sure did.  I had never been through the campus or stadium before, but I've been to the state a lot.  It was great to get to go on campus and talk with the coach's one on one."

Up next on Keenan's agenda is taking some time to himself and his family and figure out the next steps in his recruitment.

"Well we're going to go home and sit down and talk about stuff, and think if there are places we need to go on a visit too, or if it's time to make a decision. That's what we'll decide on in the next couple of weeks."

And, finally, how strong is Michigan?

"I'll put it this way -- there's a short list, and Michigan is on it."

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