Danny O'Brien on Camp, and the Future

The Flint (MI) four star defensive tackle took part in a day of Michigan's annual summer camp and performed extremely well. O'Brien spoke with GoBlueWolverine about his camp performance, the status of his offer and a possible return visit.

Danny O'Brien has already put in enough work to earn himself four star honors and offers from across the country, but that didn't stop the Flint Powers (MI) defensive tackle from taking part in Michigan's summer camp.

"It was great. I worked with coach a lot and got some one on one time a lot," O'Brien told GoBlueWolverine. "We called him Coach Steele. He worked me pretty hard. And we got after it in one on ones and I don't think I got stopped any of the time. So I feel I had a really good camp."

There had been some tension and confusion early in the recruiting process over whether O'Brien's previous era Michigan offer still stood. That was all cleared up today.

"Things got a little weird in the spring and they wanted to see me at camp some more and see me work out agai -- but yeah, they offered me again."

The solidified and confirmed offer certainly bolstered the Wolverines standing with O'Brien.

"It's very good. The class they have coming in -- and my buddy Godin, he's already committed. We could make together one of the best defenses that ever played at Michigan. I think that would be a great experience, and I think there is a great chance I could go to the University of Michigan."

It's no secret Michigan commit Matt Godin and O'Brien are really good friends, and O'Brien has had a steady dose of Maize and Blue from his friend.

"Oh man, he never shuts up. He's always giving another word about Michigan. We're all pretty close, the guys who are committed. Like James (Ross), Shane Morris, I talked to him a couple times today, Wyatt Shallman, he's a younger kid and he'll be a great player but he hasn't committed yet."

The camaraderie shared between O'Brien and Michigan's 2012 class adds even more of shot in the arm to the Wolverines chances.

"Definitely, you have to want to be surrounded by those great players and make a great defense. That's a good thing."

Next on O'Brien's recruiting agenda will be several more unofficial visits, including one to Ann Arbor.

"I talked to Coach Hoke about that, definitely. I might come down in a couple weeks, before they start camp or something like that in the next few weeks, and get my mom down there. I'll do that situation. I'm going down south here in July, so that will be fun. I'm going to Florida, Tennessee and Alabama. It will be a little bit of a trip there. Then I'm going to Nike camp."

Finally will be whittling down a list to a final selection, which should be coming within the next month.

"I'm going to probably make a top five or six here in July."

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