Michigan Camp - Tuesday Afternoon Notes

After spending the more watching the line battles, we spent the afternoon watching the other positions. The underclassmen ruled the session, led by quarterback Shane Morris, a rising sophomore signal caller, and two talented linebacker prospects. However, there was one standout upperclassman that could become a major Michigan target.

Shane Morris, QB, Warren De La Salle c/o 2013
The Warren De La Salle lefty wasn't 100% after jamming a finger on his throwing hand in a basketball game, and still the ball rocketed from his arm like it was shot from a cannon.  That said, as the day progressed the ball became tougher and tougher for him to grip, which prevented him from being able to throw his customary tight spirals.  Even then there were moments… especially on out routes from the far hash… where he wowed both observers and the receivers he was throwing to.  Morris was a tad disappointed in his showing, but unnecessarily so.  He may have been impacted on this day by an injury, but the fact that he is a special talent is no less clear.

Chance Stewart, QB, Sturgis c/o 2014
Stewart was the second best quarterback on the day, and he still has three full years of high school left!  He bears a striking resemblance to Ryan Mallett in stature, facial appearance, hair cut, and even helmet color.  The place where the two signal callers begin to diverge, though, is in arm strength.  Not many quarterbacks in the NFL can throw the ball like Mallett, so that Stewart doesn't have Mallett's velocity (or Morris' even) is by no means a knock.  He has good arm strength… especially for his age.  Fatigue also played a role in his performance as the day wore on.  At one point Allen Trieu remarked, "Chance probably hasn't thrown this many passes in one session in his life."  Despite that, Stewart displayed what all the fuss is about… great size, good mechanics, and better than expected accuracy. This kid has a great deal of potential and the Michigan coaches definitely took notice.

Jeremy Clark, S, Madisonville (KY) North Hopkins High, c/o 2012
This 6-4, 175-lb. safety was one of the surprises of the day.  He flashed good speed and EXCELLENT ball skills.  He is a bit of a sleeper on the national scale because he has grown four inches since last fall.  Just as impressive was the fact that he soaked up the coaching like a sponge and just seemed to really be relishing the overall experience.  After his showing today, the Wolverines are definitely wide awake to his talents.   Cincinnati just offered him and don't be surprised if a number of others, including Michigan, turn up the heat.  This is definitely one to watch (especially as Jarrod Wilson's recruitment is prolonged).

Luke Maclean, LB, Grand Blanc (MI) c/o 2013 and Jon Reschke, LB, Birmingham (MI) Brother Rice, c/o 2013
These two talented underclassmen are mentioned together because they are good friends and seemed to have a bit of a rivalry going on during the day.  MacLean is a big hulking linebacker, 6-4, 230, that moves well for his size.  His change of direction was also surprisingly good.   That was certainly on display when he had to get out in pass coverage.  He acquitted himself very well with his area recruiter Fred Jackson among those observing.  The Grand Blanc junior is even more intriguing because he has the frame to add more weight and could probably play on the edge if he wanted to.  As it stands this athletic youngster looks like a prototypical SAM backer.

Reschke at 6-3, 215-pounds looks like a classic middle backer.  He obviously isn't as big as MacLean, but they have comparable speed, and Reschke is a tad quicker.  He too had a number of coaches watching him intently.  He has already picked up his first offer from Toledo.  MacLean, meanwhile, is waiting for one.  Both kids definitely appear to be on Michigan's radar.

Wyatt Shallman LB, Detroit Catholic Central c/o 2013
Shallman didn't work out on the day.  He just made his way up to Ann Arbor to hang out. He spent a great deal of time mingling with Dan O'Brien and Shane Morris.  His dad was also on hand taking in the action.  The full court press by the Wolverine coaches is definitely being felt.  In addition, both Matt Godin and Shane Morris consistently working to bring him into the fold.  When you factor in the fact that he comes from a family of Michigan fans, it's all the more obvious that the Wolverines are in very good shape.

Other Notables

Lester Liston, LB, Grand Blanc, c/o 2012 – Physically this kid looks the part. One of the best athletes at the position.  Some mid-major of maybe higher may land a gem here.

Khalid Hill, TE, Detroit Crockett, c/o 2014 – This 6-3, 210-pound TE was a head turner on today and earned arguably the highest praise in his position group.  Expect the buzz on him to continue rise the rest of this summer, and certainly in the fall.


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