Harris holding the course

For Gary Harris the schools recruiting him have been consistent as have his thoughts on when he wants to make a decision.

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Throughout the process Gary Harris has remained consistent with his thoughts. He is going to hold off on making a decision until he has the chance to make a few official visits. Then after thinking things through with his family, he will make a choice.

With that said, since the beginning many people have doubted Harris' desire to wait that long to make a decision, but he still says that is the case.

"There are some schools that remain in close contact with me, but I am just taking it slow and not rushing," Harris explained. "I haven't narrowed down my list or anything or set up any visits. I am just taking everything slow and when the time is right that is when I will commit."

One of the strategies that Harris and his family have used is to make multiple unofficial visits in order to get a better feel for each school and each coaching staff. Harris says those have been very helpful all throughout the process.

"The unofficials help to get you more familiar with the schools and build a relationship with the coaches and the players," said Harris. "It is good to meet everybody in person because most of the communication is done via email or on the phone, so it is always good to put a face with a name, and that is what I use the unofficial visits for."

Currently Harris says the schools in closest contact with him are Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Purdue. Also schools such as Illinois and Michigan remain in contact.

While those schools are the ones currently recruiting Harris the hardest, he isn't close minded to the fact that after July a few new schools could be popping up if they fit what he is looking for.

"If it is the right place of course they could get involved," explained Harris. "If I feel strongly about a school I would want to get to know more about them, set up a visit, and see what they have to offer and if that could be the right place for me."

When the time does come for Harris to make a decision there are certain factors that will definitely be important to one school landing his signature.

"I would just say a place where I am most comfortable and where I can go each day to be a better player," explained Harris.

For the five-star shooting guard there are likely to be rumors of impending commitments coming all summer, but for now nothing is even close to changing, it will be a process that lasts into the school year.

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