Michigan Made Wormley Feel at Home (Part 2)

In part two of this two part feature on Chris Wormley's visit to Michigan Friday, the Toledo (OH) Whitmer DE discusses the lingering questions standing between him and a Michigan commitment, his decision timeline, his chat with Kyle Kalis, and more.

So what's next for Chris Wormley?  He just experienced another strong visit to Michigan.  He previously expressed his reluctance to step into an Ohio State program dealing with its fair share of turmoil.  Taking those factors into account, a discussion about his decision timeline is definitely a pertinent one.

"We were in the car with Coach Singletary because he was taking us around, and he asked when I wanted to (commit)," Wormley recalled.  "I told him before summer is over, so we definitely talked about it a little bit."

The Wolverines have put their best foot forward in their pursuit of this talented youngster.  Often times they've answered pressing questions before he has asked them.  That begs an obvious question: is there anything left to find out about Brady Hoke's program?

 "Honestly, I have no questions," Wormley admitted.  "I think I got everything I need to know to make me clear on Michigan and what they are going to do.  This trip was a good thing for me to make my decision on for what Michigan is all about."

Now that the Maize & Blue has increased its advantage in the race for Wormley's services, other suitors must mount desperation challenges to stave off a loss.  One element of those efforts would surely be a visit.  That, however, remains an ever so slight possibility for just one school.

 "I don't think there are any other schools in the mix right now… just (Michigan and Ohio State)," stated Wormley.  "But anything can happen.  I may just go down there and talk to all the coaches and get to know Coach Fickell and what he is doing and everything."

If that visit is going to happen, it had better happen soon.  At the moment, there is an extremely good chance that the Toledo Whitmer star arrives at his choice before he hits the road again.

"Hopefully (I'll make a decision) as soon as possible," he said.  "I'm just taking everything into consideration.  I just don't want (recruiting) to conflict with football practice and the football games in the season.  So actually (a decision will come) as soon as possible. I'm just going to tell the coaches, tell my family, keep it as low key as possible."

That means any day now one lucky staff will be receiving the call.  Kaleb Ringer had been leading the charge in trying to help ensure the school on picking up the phone was Michigan.  Recently the Wolverine linebacker commit picked up a little help with his cause.

"Allen Gant messaged me on Facebook," said Wormley. "I've talked to him during the whole track season.  Tom Strobel just messaged me a couple of days ago on Facebook.  They're all talking to me."

As it turns out, Wormley has been doing a little talking himself.  At least, on his Friday visit to Michigan he did.  Also on campus was another high profile Ohioan, Lakewood St Edward offensive tackle, Kyle Kalis.  Wormley and the former Ohio State commitment briefly exchanged notes and pondered the thought of one day becoming teammates donning the winged helmet.

"We were with (Kalis) for a little bit," Wormley remembered. "We chit-chatted with him and his dad, and it will be a real big thing if he comes to Michigan too.  Both times we talked to him he said it was amazing up there.  It would be a great recruiting class. We played against him when we played St. Edward in the final four.  To tell you the truth, when we played them he made me play the most (physical) game ever.  The first half I was dead tired and he wore me out.  He is pretty good."

So too is Wormley. 

The Wolverines are seemingly on the verge of seeing both of them be pretty good in Maize & Blue. Time will ultimately tell.


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