WR Drae Bowles Searching for the Right Fit

Jackson TN wide receiver Drae Bowles is looking for a school that fits him and what he is all about. GBW talked with him to see what is important to him as he tries to choose a college.

With 57 catches for 1100 yards and 14 touchdowns, colleges all over the country are very impressed with Drae Bowles stats. But after speaking with him, we think they have to be in awe of his humbleness as well. He comes across as a young man that feels blessed at the situation he is in and very appreciative of what he has. Nad he does know what he is looking for in a college, and the direction he wants to go in when he eventually picks a school.

"I want a college that is like home to me," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I want to be at a place with great academics. I am looking for a coaching staff I can be close to, who will make me a better man on and off the field."

This is a very busy time with recruiting has really picked up but it is a process that he likes.

"Schools are coming from every direction right now, and I am enjoying it. This is a lot of fun."

Michigan is one of those schools that are coming after him.

"Coach Mark Smith (linebacker coach) came by to visit in the spring. He is a very nice man. Since then we've discussed the program, and he told me that I am a great athlete and I would be a good asset to the program."

Bowles does know enough about the Wolverines to know what they have as far as academics and athletics.

"Academically Michigan is a well rounded school -- if you have a degree from there that is pretty impressive. I have seen them on television -- they have a good reputation as a football program. I just need to have more communication with them to learn more about Michigan."

The other suitors for Bowles' talent besides Michigan are Tennessee, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Duke and Arkansas, and they are all coming at him very hard.

"They send me hand written letters and messages on Facebook from time to time."

Others have an idea of what they want him to do but he has his own idea as well, and he and his parents are controlling his decision.

"People that I know, as well as my friends, are telling me to stay close to home. I would like to stay close to him so my parents can see me -- but I want to choose the best school for me."

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