Zak Irvin enjoys open gym

Indiana wingman Zak Irvin came up on Wednesday to make his rounds up in Ann Arbor. After seeing the campus he had a chance to play in an open gym. Zak talks about his visit, and he breaks down his experience of playing with the Wolverines basketball squad.

Zak Irvin first toured the Michigan campus; he had a chance to see some of the renovations going on and around Michigan.

"The new facilities are really looking nice," he told GoBlueWolverine. "Things are really coming along up there with all of the construction."

Irvin is still trying to get a feel for what Michigan has to offer, as well as the other schools on his list. After the Michigan visit he was up at another college campus.

"On Thursday our high school team went up to Purdue for a team camp. We played pretty well but lost in the final four to our rival, Carmel High."

Just listening to him speak, it seemed like pulling teeth -- it really hurt just to lose but even more to his rival.

Zak still had some unfinished business on his visit up to Ann Arbor, and that was playing with the guys in the open gym. Any time he gets a chance to test his skill set, it is always a great opportunity to him.

"I really enjoyed it," he said. "Just to be able to compete and see where my game is with guys on that level. I feel like I played well. They had me involved early where I knocked down some jumpers, and I rebounded well. I had a good time with the guys."

Zak put on a scout's hat for us and broke down the games of some of the participants at the open gym.

Carlton Brundidge-He is just so strong going to the basket. Even with contact he still makes the basket. If you bump him it doesn't matter, he is still going to score. Very strong player.

Matt Vogrich-Matt was shooting well from the outside and going to the basket to score. He played well.

Mitch McGary-He knocked down jumpers; he rebounded well and played well in the post. Mitch is a player that would fit well in the system that Michigan runs.

Jordan Morgan- He has gotten a lot better. He was a beast inside, and he was knocking down shots out to 15 feet. He looked real good.

Evan Smotrycz-Knocking down shots with hands in his face or not, and putting the ball on the floor. He has a nice game.

Trey Burke- Trey was dropping a lot of nice passes; he really had his midrange game going pretty well. As the games went on he became more vocal. You can tell he is a leader on the floor.

Stu Douglass- All I can say about him was he was lights out in open gym. He looked good out there.

Zak appreciated how the open gym went in terms of how everyone was playing.

"That open gym was different. We were running off screens, down screens and guys were hitting their shots off of that. I felt like I got along with the players really well. It was nice."

For now Irvin will continue to look at all options as far the other schools on his list -- he will get to know all of them so that he can make the right decision when that time comes.

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