RB Thomas Clayton Not Transferring To Michigan

As we reported yesterday in a premium article, running back Thomas Clayton is not entering U-M this spring.

Briefly, here is the story.

Clayton was a freshman at FSU last fall, and left after one semester.

This spring he came to a U-M spring practice, was offered a scholarshiip, and accepted. When we talked to him soon after that, he told us he'd enroll into U-M for the spring half-semester, which started yesterday (Wed.) -- as long as as he got through admissions. He actually emphasized that to me, acknowledging that he'd learned that leaving FSU after one semester, instead of finishing the whole year, was a complicating factor because of the number of credits necessary for him to be eligible after sitting out a year.

So, like any other recruit, Clayton had to get through the admissions process. And he did not get admitted at Michigan. We wish him well.

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