Royce Jenkins-Stone talks re Visits/NoVisits

A few days ago Michigan commitment and Detroit Cass Tech linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone let the public know he would be taking official visits this fall. Then he had another change of heart. What's the latest? GBW has the scoop.

Royce Jenkins-Stone of Detroit Cass Tech has been solidly committed to Michigan since his announcement in April. In recent days the four star linebacker has stated he'd like to give other schools a fair shot in his recruitment and would like to take a few official visits. GBW caught up with Royce again, and it appears the Michigan commit is only thinking about the Maize and Blue once again.

"Yeah, I just thought, like, you know, I might as well not (take visits) because everyone might want to start doing it now (taking visits), that's what Coach Jackson told me. There's nothing wrong with it but he was like ‘Everybody might want to start going and taking their visits' and then that might hurt the recruiting class, because they might think ‘Hey everybody is doing it so let me go change up schools.' Everybody knows I'm a solid Michigan Man, so I'm good."

According to Royce, his plans to take trips stemmed from the desire to experience new things while also giving other coaches a fair shake.

"Have a little fun, and give everybody a fair shot just to see if they're better than Michigan. I kind of regret committing early, but if you know where you want to go then you know where you want to go. I don't really want to lead people on, but if they still want to show me what they still have to offer then I'm going to let them show me what they have to offer."

Michigan running backs coach Fred Jackson clearly had an impact in changing Royce's mind again, but it was his current coach Thomas Wilcher that also had a conversation of impact.

"He just told me to have colleges, when they ask you to come, don't go after them —because It'll make it seem like I'm trying to change up my decision when I'm really not. I'm already solid. But there's nothing wrong with going to see what other colleges have to offer and having fun."

In addition to Royce, his teammate cornerback Terry Richardson had visits on his mind just a few days ago, is the four star corner back on the Maize and Blue bus for good?

"He (Coach Wilcher) talked to me but I don't think he talked to Terry yet. Terry, he's still solid and is in the same boat as me — it's not like we would go out there and change it up. There's an opportunity that he might, but I don't know. I'm solid, if they (other schools) want to show me what they have to offer then I would look."

With no visits set to take place the focus now shifts to the 2011 season. Detroit Cass Tech will open up on August 27th against defending State champion Farmington Hills Harrison. Future teammates will be battling on the gridiron with Royce Jenkins-Stone and Terry Richardson across from Harrison tight end Devin Funchess. Royce says he'll be ready.

"We're putting in a little extra work, we're not going to take them lightly. That's my teammate next year (Devin Funchess), but he's got on different colors this year so we'll try to take them out (laughter). We're going to compete, we'll bring ours and they're going to bring theirs and hopefully it'll be a good fair game."

Stay tuned to GBW to find out what's on the mind of Terry Richardson and if he still plans on taking visits this fall.

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